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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Alluring Ties by Skye Turner -- Review

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

*sigh* I love this series. Those that know me, know I am drawn to darker reads, but I have my favorite authors that deliver such good sweet reads, I have to read everything they put out. And, Skye Turner is one of those authors for me. I LOVE her Bayou Stix series!!! LOVE!! Jude has my heart...

So, on to Alluring Ties. First, If you have not read the first 2 books in the series, DO NOT read this one. This novella needs to be read in order.

1-Alluring Turmoil
2-Alluring Seduction
2.5-Alluring Ties

Alluring Ties gives us the back story of Bradi and Erik. Bradi is Lexi's best female friend, her college room mate and a spit fire. I LOVE her. She is strong, determined to become more than her past dictates she should be, and she is a survivor. I love her boldness and her straight forwardness. You never have to wonder what she is thinking or feeling, and I adore that about her. She has no filter, kinda like me!

We first meet Bradi in Alluring Turmoil. And, if you are like me, you wondered what her story was. You knew something had happened, you just didnt know what. And Alluring Ties fills in all those blanks and questions. I love that this book takes us back to when Bradi meets Lexi. It takes us through their first meeting and how their friendship was born, and all the trials they endured to become as close as they are. We also get the back story on Bradi and Micha...and let me tell you, I know Micha isnt a Bayou Stix boy, but he gave Jude a run for his money. I LOVED Micha. Talk about a good guy. A guy not afraid to go after what he wants. A guy not afraid to go against social norms and follow his heart. Seriously, good guy. You are going to Love him!!

Erik is Lexi best friend, has been for years. Erik and Lexi have plans to go to college and open their own Bakery/Coffee shop. And I love that this book takes us back in years to show us the real bond between these two. We get some of the back story on Erik's support of Lexi as she was trying to get through her breakup. He was her rock when she needed one. He always has her back, and he protects her with everything he is. Erik is good looking, smart, and HOT!!! Erik is also gay, which makes women weep. Not exactly open, but not hiding. And I LOVE that we get to experience his 1st open relationship with him. And Im not going to say to much about that, because I do not want to give anything away.

Alluring Ties is a fantastic companion Novella. I love that so many blanks were filled in with this book. I love that we get to know Bradi better. With her story we get a much better understanding of why she is the way she is, and the absolute love Micha has for her. And, you will love Erik even more than you did before. We get to know him a bit more, and Im seriously hoping he will get his own book somewhere along the way... *hint hint Skye Turner*

If you love the Bayou Stix series, then you will love Alluring Ties! Iam now waiting for what ever Skye is going to bring us next!!!! Because all we know is that its "Untitled Bayou Stix 3"