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Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Passion and Ponies

Passion and Ponies
Passion and Ponies by Tara Sivec

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Tara Sivec... she never fails to produce a side splitting book that leaves you smiling for days..
I needed this book, I had been in a blah mood and was in a book slump--thank you Miss. Sivec for the comic relief.. I needed the boost...

Passion and Ponies had me actually laughing out loud, to the point that people were looking at me like I was crazy..I highly recommend not reading this in public places, seriously, you wont be able to help yourself and people will look at you funny...

Tyler is Gavin's best friend. Raised by 2 sex therapist parents, he does not shy away from all things sex. Not able to keep a steady job and an abnormal fascination with all things My Little Pony, Tyler is a breed of his own. He has an on again off again relationship with Ava, who is Liz'z daughter.

Ava has been dubbed "The Rain Man" of fashion. With an uncanny ability to remember what people were wearing 4 years ago to a birthday party, she loves all things fashion. But she is stuck working at Seduction and Snacks.

You will never again look at My Little Ponies the same. And while I knew there was a whole slew of Bronys, the fact that guys get into sparkly ponies, and glittery costumes, is still hard to accept. What I really loved, was Tyler's acceptance of himself and his unwillingness to bend against the things he loves. He is comfortable with himself and a proud Brony.

The sex scenes in this book will leave you wondering, as well as laughing hysterically. I mean come on, MLP butt plugs with tails? Vibrators with MLP heads?? Lubes and gels...and lets not forget the rubber fist and the penis molds...

And we also get a good dose of the rest of the gang. Claire and Liz are present with their usual banter, Gavin and Charlotte are still working on their relationship, Carter and Jim are still Carter and Jim, and OMG lets not forget Drew and Jenny--these books would not be the same without them.

During all this hilarity, Tyler finds out that his dad is not his "real" dad. His journey to discover who his biological father is, is a journey you won't soon forget. And the little twist at the end?? Enough to warm my heart. Tara brought it all around full circle and I was not expecting it.. I love when that happens.

So, power up you tube and get familiar with the Ponies, do a little bit of research on the bronys and then dive in...but be prepared to bust a gut and have your face hurt from smiling so much, and I recommend you stay near a bathroom because I swear I almost peed myself laughing a couple times!

Im going to be author stalking for the next book--- Please let it be Molly's story! She is Liz's youngest daughter and she pops in and out in this book, and it was just enough to really wet my appetite and wonder what her story was---

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