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Monday, May 26, 2014

Promo -- Rumor (Black Rebel Riders MC) by Glenna Maynard

Author Glenna Maynard Presents

Black Rebel Riders' MC
Book 2
Cover Reveal


Haunted by the past Grim's story continues in Rumor; book two of The
Black Rebel Riders' MC.  Grim is trying
to keep the one promise he made Red, finding her daughter Sarah. Things are
heating up between a club once thought to be a friend and an old enemy. Grim
has to decide where his loyalties truly lie. Will Grim keep his promise and
keep his patch?

** Sometimes, the lines that bond you are the ones that threaten to
end your very existence. Loyalties are tested and lines are crossed, leaving a
trail of despair on the highway to hell.

'Rumor has it that, one day
the Grim Reaper is going to come for you.' Those are the words that have
reverberated through my head most of my life. You know that saying about
becoming a bird so you can fly away, I too want to be a bird, and I want to fly
far away from here... Sarah has lived a secluded life of torment and
despair.  She longs for the day the Grim
reaper she has been raised to fear comes to end the hell she has endured.
Book 1 Grim The beginning is available now