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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: The Good Girl

The Good Girl
The Good Girl by Dawn Robertson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where do I start?? Just wow... I need 6 stars for this one!

Lily White is the Master of Darkness and Dawn Robertson held her own. This book was fabulous. The only thing "negative" I can find is that it ended--I need more...I have a major book hang over and I already feel sorry for the next few books I read because The Good Girl is going to be a hard act to follow.

I love a dark read. It is no secret that I favor them. And the darker they are, the more taboo, the crazier the content, the more I like them. I want a good roller coaster thrill that takes me on a ride that will make my heart spike and my stomach drop, and above all it needs to floor me. For plot twists to come out of no where and shake me up because I did not see it coming. And The Good Girl delivered.

Gabriel is a very unique character. And to be honest, Iam struggling to find a way to describe him without giving his secrets away. Trust me when I tell you that you want to experience it on your own. What I can say, is that he is down right mean. And some of the stuff that floats through his mind will have your jaw hitting the floor and wondering where in the world the author comes up with this stuff. Lily kinda scares me--- I seriously hope she is not a serial killer disguised as an author, but I would love to crawl into her head and hang out, just to see where some of this stuff comes from.

Eleni was a fabulous leading lady. I adored her. A carefree, rebellious, alcoholic woman, with no real future, no family and no real friends. But she has a resolve to live that is rare in people that have had the kind of life and upbringing that she had. She uses alcohol to numb the pain while she lives a wild life of carefree partying. But, through it all, she is a self sufficient, functioning alcoholic. She makes some really bad decisions that alter her life, including trusting the wrong man.

Gabriel and Eleni are more alike than they want to admit. And their tragic child hoods bond them in ways that either one of them ever expected. And as you read along, watching the story come together, if you are anything like me, you will wonder how they do not end up killing each other.

Gabriel wants submission and adoration. Eleni wants freedom. She is not the kind of girl to submit to anyone. She is the master of her own life and leader of her destiny. She is strong and violently independent. Gabriel wants to break her. Eleni refuses to be broken. Gabriel wants to own her, she refuses to be owned. Gabriel wants to break her down and then build her into the woman he wants her to be, but Eleni refuses to be broken. But Gabriel always wins....

Reading along as these two strong willed people battle it out to see who comes out on top, will have you turning pages telling yourself "just one more chapter" ... ummm, yeah, about that-- don't even try to lie to yourself...because you will read and read until you fall asleep with your kindle in your hands and your husband comes and gently wakes you to go to bed--yep, it happened-->twice.

The Good Girl is going to take you places you are not expecting-- So get ready, buckle in, and enjoy the ride. And prepare for an ending you will never see coming.....

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