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Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Twisted Together

Twisted Together
Twisted Together by Pepper Winters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have seriously struggled with how to write this review. I can not remember the last time I struggled like this, to put my thoughts into words.

I guess I will start by saying that I love Pepper Winters stories. Tears of Tess is one of my top all time favorite books. I love the darkness and depravity of her characters, and her ability to bring their oddness out in a way that seems like your everyday normal. Q has been one of my book boyfriends since he first spoke to Tess when she arrived as Esclave 58 to his mansion.

With that being said, I know a 3 is not a bad review, but it is an average review. And I hate that I felt like Twisted was just "average" because Pepper has always been way above that mark for me. But, Twisted just missed the mark with me. Where I normally devour a Pepper book, it took me forever to get through this one, and if it had not been for another blogger friend, I don't know as if I would of pushed through. It seems unnecessary to the story as a whole. The 1st 1/2 just drug on and felt like a repeat of the last book, just a bit of a different scenario, yet at the same time, it was the same scenario. I know that doesnt seem to make sense, but if you have read the previous book, and then this one, you will understand. But in a effort to not give anything away, I feel the need to not explain that in more detail.

Around 50% I sang the Hallelujah Chorus because it finally picked up and grabbed my attention, and I thought, thank goodness I stuck with it. But then around 75% I was less than impressed, again. And as I read along, I once again felt like it was just not needed for the story. I really wish, she had branched off and written Suzettes story, of Franco's story, or Franco and Suzette together as a story, and then added the story bits of Q and Tess from this into it. But as it sits, Twisted did not work for me.

Per usual, the sex scenes were amazing. Pepper can write a heck of a dark sex scene. Not many get close to her in this department. And these scenes are really what saved this book for me. Detailed and descriptive to the point you actually felt like part of the story, because you could immerse yourself into what was happening. You could almost feel Q's breath on your heck, and his fingers digging into your hips. *sigh*

Ok, enough of that.... *fans self* I think I need a cold shower---

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