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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blog Tour -- Red Tape by Kathy Kulig (with Giveaway)

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Spice Box Title: Red Tape (FLC #1)

Author: Kathy Kulig

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Published Date: August 5, 2014

Organized by Literati Author Services

Handpicked for an underground White House society, Jason Merritt and Zoe Summers are assigned to take down a sadistic leader through the use of blackmail, coercion and sex. Former CIA agent Jason must train his ex-lover for her role as a submissive in a dangerous BDSM sex tape project. Distracted by their tortured past, he’s unprepared for their reignited passion or his overwhelming need to protect her, possess her and do whatever it takes to make her his.

Tough and tenacious Zoe Summers has tried to forget her former field partner and lover. She hasn’t forgiven Jason, or herself, for their failed missions. The BDSM training sessions with Jason stir up deep yearnings and sparks fly. She’s obsessed into exploring this realm of her sexuality, but worried it will undermine both their relationship and their project. Danger escalates when their target discovers the plan and devises one of his own. Now the two must fight and choose between life, love and National Security.

Sensual, dangerous, adrenaline-pumping…

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Kathy Kulig is an award-winning erotic romance author whose works include elements of BDSM and the paranormal. She has published several novels and novellas for Ellora’s Cave. Her latest release, Summer Sins, is part of a BDSM/ménage series called Dark Odyssey.And her upcoming release, Red Tape, is book one of the new FLC series of romantic suspense. Besides her career in writing, she has worked as a cytotechnologist, research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. Kathy resides in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband.

Ten Things That Inspire Me as a Writer
By Kathy Kulig
I’m usually asked in interviews: Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you to write, and what author influenced your writing?

I’ve been compelled to write since I was a kid. I wrote poems and short stories but hid them. I always had my nose in a book. Ideas come from everywhere. Anything can spark an idea for a story or a series.

1.   Traveling is a big one that helps my inspiration. I’m a visual person so seeing a new place, stirs the imagination. A trip to Sedona, Arizona initiated my Demons in Exile series. Ireland sparked the idea for Emerald Dungeon. Even a ride at Disney World, actually a mural on the wall, gave me the idea for a futuristic book Burned Deep that will be released soon from Ellora’s Cave.
2.   Hanging out at our local restaurant/bar called Ashley’s. Talking to people and overhearing conversations gives me ideas for stories or dialogue or characters.
3.   Movies – Watching movies or a scene can give me ideas on how to develop characters even if the movie is a completely different genre.
4.   Ray Bradbury’s work like “The Sound of Thunder”. A short Science Fiction story published in 1952. He has an amazingly brilliant, imagination. As of 1984, it was the most republished sci-fi story up to the present time. I’ve re-read that and many of his books.
5.   Stephen King – On Writing- he gives a perspective on the craft of writing that has inspired and reassured me from early days in my career and now. All authors are a source for inspiration.
6.   Talking a shower. Yes, on occasion I tear myself away from the keyboard and shower. Seriously, there is something about the shower and calming your mind. Thoughts seem to come in, problems with scenes seem to become resolved.
7.   For some reason when I float around in my pool. I can say I’m working. I’m brainstorming, working out scenes, plot points, etc.
8.   I have a fairly long commute to the day job. Ideas will come to me while driving.
9.   Right before I sleep or when I first wake up, scenes and ideas come to me.
10.   Reading! Writers love to read. I’ll read for fun and a variety of books, fiction and non-fiction. All books help me improve my writing and spark fresh ideas.

Ten Places I would Most Want to Visit
By Kathy Kulig

This is a great question because I love to travel, and during my travels, or places where I’ve lived, or would like to travel to, have inspired by writing. A few examples: (Sedona, AZ—Demons in Exile series, Ireland—Emerald Dungeon, living in Florida—Spring Break and Summer Sins). I should travel more often!

Here’s a list of ten places I’d like to visit, but I could continue to add to that list.

1.   Hawaii – Besides being a huge lover of the ocean, I have an aunt and uncle who live there, and I’ve never been to Hawaii. My favorite vacation is feeling soft beach sand between by toes and swimming in salt water.
2.   New Orleans – Love the atmosphere, people and history. I’d have to go on some ghost and cemetery tours too. Always liked the vampire stories set here.
3.   Italy – I’ve been to northern Italy skiing, many years ago, but I’d like to take my husband to see the other sites.
4.   Galapagos Islands – a fascinating and unique place.
5.   California – Never been so there are plenty of places to see here from the coastal highway, wineries, the ocean, cities and national parks.
6.   Colorado – in the summer. I used to live here (Colorado Springs). I took my husband skiing many years ago, but would love to go hiking and white water rafting.
7.   Figi or Tahiti or both – Did I say I love the ocean and beaches? These are beautiful, exotic and peaceful places.
8.   Disney World – Again. I never get tired of going. I’ve been a number of times. Dh and I are rollercoaster junkies. BTW, another book, BURNED DEEP that will be released from Ellora’s Cave, was inspired by the Epcot ride call Soarin’.
9.   Nova Scotia – The raw beauty and friendly people of this coastal area appeals to me. I’ve never been but heard it’s beautiful.
10.    St. Lucia – This was where by husband and I were married in a gazebo on the beach almost 13 years ago. Very romantic. When the idea of planning a big wedding turned me cold, dh suggested getting married in the islands. He knew I liked the ocean and beaches too. I wore a gold dress and carried wild orchids.

Six Words to Describe Red Tape

Awaken – Sparks fly and awakens the heat between two ex-CIA agents and ex-lovers when the couple is reunited in a secret organization called the FLC. Their new mission is to create an international sex scandal to target a sadistic leader. The highly sensual nature of their project, and the danger involved, complicates their relationship and threatens their lives.

Secretive  - Secret Society, spies, conspiracy theories, hidden passageways within the White House, among other surprises are within the pages of Red Tape. How far should the members of the FLC go for the price of freedom?

Risky – The risks are high, very high. Exposure of the FLC would be detrimental to the US government and present administration. There is a secret assassin  who is a member who will stop at nothing to protect the FLC. Even if he/she must kill one of its own members.

Freedom – The FLC has been around since the Civil War. A secret organization of men and women who fight for freedom, using unconventional methods without the public knowing.

Dangerous – Zoe is the newest member of the FLC. Her skills from the CIA include role-playing as an arms dealer and drug dealer, now she plays a role as a seductress in a dangerous sex game of blackmail and coercion. When her target discovers the plan, she becomes the new target.

Sensual – Sexy, hot to the sizzling core. Add a suspenseful element, a scorching love story, and a few surprise twists and that will pretty much sum up Red Tape, book 1.  

Inspiration for Writing Red Tape
By Kathy Kulig
As I began writing Red Tape and researching, I looked at recent and old sex scandals in Washington DC. I was surprised—or shouldn’t have been surprised—that these scandals usually received more press coverage than natural disasters, wars or plane crashes, even when hundreds of people, or more, were killed. I discovered a few things that offered new ideas and twists for the book too.
Using sex to manipulate, coerce, blackmail and trick to obtain valuable or sensitive information is not new. It’s far from fiction and my story RED TAPE is relatively tame in comparison to historical events.
Although I don’t claim any truth to a real Red Tape Room, or a FLC team, women have used their sex appeal, female innocence and seduction to work as spies. They have gathered secret information, rescued soldiers, spies or prisoners and risked their lives in the name of freedom. Many died for their bravery.
In the FLC, there are men and women in this secret organization. It is run by a woman.
A few well-known women spies were known in the Civil War like Belle Boyd, Elizabeth Van Lew, Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Antonia Ford, and many others. Some will never be known. These women were on both sides—the Union and Confederate army. The wealthy women would sponsor balls in their homes for the influential army officers. They would gather overheard information about attack plans, weapon and food supplies, troop numbers, etc. Some women even used laundry on a clothesline as code to other spies and soldiers. Besides the Civil War, there were other spies throughout the world like the well-known Margaretha Geertruida aka Mata Hari, was an exotic dancer and courtesan. She was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France.
In RED TAPE, the members of the FLC, use sex, coercion, blackmail and sex scandal to manipulate foreign and domestic policies to take down powerful and dangerous men. In this story this secret organization has been around since the Civil War. When you start researching women spies in history, maybe you’ll see RED TAPE isn’t that far off from the truth, as conspiracy theories go.

10 Things I Love About My Characters in Red Tape
By Kathy Kulig

Zoe Summers and Jason Merritt were ex-CIA agents and ex-lovers, and now they’ve been hand-picked for a secret organization that uses sex, scandal and coercion to manipulate some of the most dangerous leaders in the world. In Red Tape, they’re assigned a dangerous project that reignites their love affair. When the mission, and their love affair, spins out of control, their target discovers the plan and creates a deadly one of his own.
Zoe’s failed mission as a CIA agent continues to haunt her. She’s reminded of this botched job where she almost lost her life by a ragged scar on her neck. She manages to hide it with a scarf, but she can’t forget the mission or Jason. When they’re reassigned together several months later, their job and relationship become even more complicated and dangerous.
Without giving anything away:
I love:
1.   Zoe’s vulnerability and fears, how she hides them with her kick-butt attitude.
2.   Jason’s sense of loyalty and love to his country and Zoe. But he’s aware of the old wounds and not sure how to deal with them.
3.   Sometimes Jason understands Zoe better than she understands herself.
4.   Zoe knows how to stand up for herself, but she can’t quite figure out how to connect with Jason.
5.   Jason did leave her, but he had a really good reason.
6.   Zoe and her brother have a great relationship. He’s in Special Forces overseas and they have a special code they use via text/email. When he can contact her.
7.   Jason believes by working closely with Zoe on this project, he’ll keep her safe. He’s wrong.
8.   Despite her fear of failure, Zoe’s good, really good, at role playing with terrorists, and can improvise as needed.
9.   I love her curiosity. But it can be a strength and a flaw.
10.  Jason is the type of hero who’d risk everything, absolutely everything, for the woman he loves. Isn’t that a true hero?

Ten Things I Learned While Writing Red Tape
By Kathy Kulig
Even fiction requires a certain amount of research. RED TAPE required a variety of research. One Goodreads reader said this book was, “suspense with National Treasure (the movie) bits and BDSM elements.” For this book I dug information on the Freemasons, Washington DC, CIA, White House, merchant marine, Coast Guard, and many other things.
1.   I learned there were 14 American presidents who had been Freemasons, including George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt and Gerald Ford.
2.   I learned there’s a website that you can use to locate the position of any ship at any place in the world and what port it’s heading. (Except military ships for obvious reasons) http://www.aislive.com/ and https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/
3.   I learned how Navy ships and aircraft carriers fill up with fuel in the middle of the ocean. I talked to a merchant marine who said he worked aboard a ship that could be called a floating gas station.
4.   Even though I was once a dive master and once rescued a struggling diver, I had to research how to rescue someone at sea.
5.   The number of women spies throughout history might surprise you.
6.   I was surprised how many sex scandals—real ones—there have been in Washington DC and how the press will blow someone’s sex life out of proportion in the news to gain headlines, while thousands are dying in a war or a natural disaster.
7.   Conspiracy theorists are everywhere—pretty scary to think what people think and believe. They’re all over the internet.
8.   I looked up floor plans of the White House and the West Wing to write this story. Now I wonder if by searching the internet for this info. if I’m on someone’s watch list for Homeland Security.
9.   Although I have these floor plans, I added in my own rooms and secret passages—artistic license.
10.   I watched the TV shows West Wing, Scandal and House of Cards, so compared to those shows, RED TAPE isn’t that far out. I’m learning about remote viewing for book 2. That takes peeping toms to a whole new level. When no doors or locks can hide national secrets, what are the consequences?

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