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Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Cooper by Harper Sloan

Cooper by Harper Sloan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is nothing like a Harper Sloan book to pull you out of a book funk!!! Which I had been in BAD!!!

I read this straight through. Literally started and did not stop until the end. I was traveling to my parents and started reading as my husband drove and finished it up as we were pulling into the driveway. Poor hubby was totally ignored the entire trip as I devoured Harper's latest Corps Security Guy.

What a love story this one was. The obstacles these two had to be able to move past, and the consequences they were up against from past choices, Im not sure many people would have been able to move past. Especially Cooper... I think this line from the synopsis sums it up perfectly ~~~

"All I know with crystal clear certainty is that the past has the power to destroy it all"

Asher "Cooper"... OhMyGoogle... I swear these Corps men just get better and better as this series plays out. (I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. for Maddox --- oh wait *squirrel*) Cooper was an alpha, dirty talking, bed rocking, hunk of lushness that I wanted to climb like a monkey and fuze myself to, or at the very least hump his leg. What I loved the most about him was his shear determination to not let his messed up childhood control his future, cloud his judgement or make him bitter. He had dreams and goals and aspirations that he was not going to let go. And he knew what he wanted, and there was nothing in this world that was going to keep him from getting it. As the story starts out, you have to hold on tight as you are taken on the journey of Cooper's current life. Driven by the need for vengeance over the death of his brother and a bottle of Jack, the man is a hot mess. I actually wondered if he was going to be able to pick himself up and get himself together. Now I know Harper ALWAYS has an HEA without a cliffhanger, but I was still wondering if the story would play out the way I was envisioning it in my head... well, silly me -- of coarse it didn't. I don't know why I think I have the puzzle put together any time I read a book by her, because every single time a gust of wind comes out of nowhere and blows my perfectly crafted puzzle apart.... and Cooper was no exception. Talk about coming out of left field and your jaw dropping on the floor.... there was a brilliant twist that I never saw coming. And this is one of my favorite things about this series... the twists. Harper is brilliant with them.

Chelcie... LOVED her. Strong. Determined. Brave. Independent. And she had a secret. One that has the potential to destroy the friendships she had formed, the life she was building for herself, and the chance to have the man of her dreams. But she was also brokenhearted... as she watched Cooper go through woman after woman, she sat silently on the sidelines, wanting to have Cooper all to herself, just knowing it would never happen. There was so much to love about Chelcie that Im not even sure where to start. I really think she is my favorite Corps Security Chick. She was in no way a whiney, snobby, selfish woman. She would deny herself so she could give to others. She had the biggest heart and more patience than any woman should be allowed o have. And it was unbelievable how she stood by Cooper's side, silently cheering him on, even when he had no idea she was doing it. She didn't look for recognition, praise or thanks. She just did what she did. She was a one of a kind, and even though I know this was "just a book", I told Cooper when I had finished reading, that if he blew it with Chelcie, I would have to drop kick him... much to my husbands amusement, he learned that I talk to inanimate objects and fictional characters like they were real people *shrugs*

Cooper picks up right were Beck leaves off. It seamlessly flows from one into the other. This is one of the many things I love about Harper's stories. Even though there is time between books, I never feel lost when I pick up and read the newest one. And this is a HUGE deal to me, because I hate reading the next book in a series and I spend too much time flipping through the last book trying to find out who a character was, or what was going on previously that leads you up to the point of the start of the book. Now I realize that this may not be that big of a deal to most people..

Now, lets talk about Cooper in the bedroom.... oh my.. *fans self* just... holy moly. If you thought Cage had mad skills in this area, wait until you meet Cooper in bed. *Warning* Make sure you have plenty of batteries for your B.O.B and that it is within reach... just wow...

And of coarse, Harper is the queen of setting up for the next book. I do not know of many that do it as well s she does. She has me panting for Maddox. And she had me intrigued and social media stalking before I even finished reading Cooper. As she is sprinkling bits and pieces of what is to come throughout the book, she has the ability to get you hooked on a book that she hasnt even finished writing. But here Iam. hooked on Maddox and dying to find out how his story plays out and comes to his HEA.

*Plea to the author* Please bring us Sway's story.

Do walk~~ run to your nearest kindle and get your copy of Cooper. And if you have not read the series, STOP reading whatever you are currently reading and grab up the series... you will not be disappointed.

#1 Axel
#2 Cage
#3 Beck
# 3.5 Uncaged
#4 Cooper

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