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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Incandescent by River Savage

Incandescent by River Savage

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where do I start?? How about I freaking LOVED this one. I was up until 2am finishing it. I seriously could not get enough of Nix.

Bad boy. Straight Laced Teacher. He wants her. She fights the draw. Sounds like your typical MC story, but it really wasnt. Of coarse there are alot of the same elements... but the few twists and turns that showed up were a pleasant surprise.

I could of easily given this one a 5 star review. But I have to admit, the end killed it for me. It wasn't a bad ending, it just felt incomplete. No, not a cliffhanger. I feel like it needed an epilogue, just to kind of clean up the looser ends. The next book is Sy's (and Im ready for it). Had the next book been a continuation of this one, the ending wouldn't of bothered me so bad. But as it sits, I feel like Iam missing something.

Outside of that, this book was fantastic. I was intrigued from the start, and it kept me reading until I got to the end. I loved the guys in the club. And I loved Kadence's Best Friend Holly. And I seriously hope we eventually get Holly's story, because the girl deserves her HEA after all she went through.

Kadence is trying to move on with her life. After a terrible accident that almost costs her her life, she struggles to overcome the physical reminders as well as the mental ones. She is left with so many unanswered questions, she is stuck living in the past with no ability to move forward. She is not a whiney, wimpy leading lady. She has inner strength and a will to survive. But, she vows she will never love again. She refuses to endure more heartache. One man walking out, no explanation, is enough.

Enter Nix. She knew the day he walked into her classroom she would never be the same. And she may of been running scared, but Nix gets what he wants. And he is determined to pull her out of the past and help her start living.

Nix was a fantastic lead. I adored him. He had a dirty mouth that would get me swooning. I really want to find my very own Nix. If you happen to come across one, please send him my way. He was rude, brash, forceful, and determined to get what he wanted. Add in the Harley and I was a goner.

When Kadence's past comes colliding with her present, I have to admit, I was a bit floored. Sometimes you get an inkling of what you think is going on, but then when it begins to unfold, it didnt go where you were thinking. I LOVE that!

Incandescent was very well done. Grab it and read. Im still purring over Nix......

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