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Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: The Promise

The Promise
The Promise by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars -- I really do wish goodreads would give us 1/2 stars..


I have been sitting on this review for a few days now. Unable to proceed because I wasn't sure how I felt. And after processing for a few days I realize the problem is that I didnt feel at all.. nothing really about this book stirred any emotion. *sigh* I hate that I feel like my time with my beloved KA has come to an end..... maybe my expectation is too high. Maybe Iam just in a different book phaze in my life... Im not sure. But I do know I had this book for over a month before I read it, and that in itself is not like me because I usually read the new KA the day of release....

The Promise.... I was ready for this one. I will say, that The Burg series is not my favorite series by KA. I loved Cal and Mike, but outside of that, the Burg just wasnt someplace I wanted to hang out. But, I was really excited for Frankie's story. I couldn't wait to see her get her HEA after all the mess she had been through. And the wait was insane... 7 KA books between meeting Frankie and seeing what happened to her and finally getting her story... and then meh....

I loved Benny. LOVED Benny. And in all honesty he saved this book for me. He was a perfect mix of bad ass alpha male and soft hearted make your woman happy. And he could rock it in the bedroom. *fans self* I fell in love with Benny and I actually wondered how Frankie ended up with Vinny in the 1st place...

Frankie was a little stero typical to me. I pictured Snookie the entire time I was reading and I wondered how in the world someone like Benny would end up with someone like Snookie... *sigh* But I guess opposites attract and for whatever reason, Benny loved Frankie's divaness...

The Promise fell flat in so many ways for me. There was really no action. The typical hysterics of car bombs or kidnapping I have come to love from KA wasn't there. The entire story was like a play by play of the daily activities of Frankie and Benny.... *boring* I kept waiting for the action to kick in.. and I waited and waited and waited... I got to the end and was shocked to the point I couldn't process it..

The Epilogue...no one does an epilogue like KA. And in pure KA form, the epilogue rocked. Again saving this book from a lower score. I love how KA can take you through to the end of their lives keeping you from wondering how it all ended up for the couple. And this one did not disappoint.

I really hate that Im not feeling it with my beloved KA. I hate that I can't give her books a higher score. I almost feel like a traitor. But, I feel honesty is the way to go. So there you have it, why I was so disappointed with The Promise......

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