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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Always Conall by Sibylla Matilde

Always Conall by Sibylla Matilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I was waiting for this one... I LOVED Kian. So I was patiently waiting for Conall to make his appearance, and he did not let me down.

I loved this one. LOVED!! Sibylla has rapidly become one of my go to buy what ever they put out authors. And Iam already waiting for her next book.

Conall.... swoon worthy Conall. He is all alpha, totally stubborn and will have your toes curling in your shoes. Self loathing is his enemy and he wastes years over misplaced responsibility. These 2 issues cause him to flee. Leaving behind the past as he chases his future. He joins the Army only to find that he can't leave the past in the past.

Sage is Conall's best friends little sister-- no go zone. But she has loved him forever. And he is all she has ever wanted. A chance encounter before he runs, and as she is left with a constant reminder of Conall. Sage is my favorite kind of leading lady. Strong, self sufficient, independent and not willing to rely on a man to support her. She may not have much, but her attitude and outlook on life carry her where she needs to go. Her inner strength is unshakeable, and even when she finds herself in unsure situations, she pushes through.

Always Conall is a story of first love and second chances. How misunderstandings can cloud our judgement and pain can cause us to lash out in ways we normally wouldn't. And once the secrets are out, both Sage and Conall realize they have wasted a lot of time. But in the end it is worth it.

You do not have to read the 1st book, Because of Kian to read this one. But, Kian does makes a few appearances. And, you will not regret reading his story anyway, so grab Kian.


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