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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Little Doll by Melissa Jane

Little Doll
Little Doll by Melissa Jane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy moses... what a ride that one was....

I freaking LOVED this one. It was not what I was expecting, it was better. I read this in almost one sitting. And I would have devoured it in one go had it not been for that pesky thing I call a job. It was defiantly a "pull an all nighter" and make the kids eat cereal for dinner book.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one. When I was asked to review, the synopsis sounded right up my alley so I was more than happy to comply. Little Doll had all the elements I love in a good book. Dark elements, crazy bad guys, a strong heroine, and a knock out leading male you can't figure out if he is one of the good guys or the bad guys.

Iam struggling a bit with trying to find words for this one, because you know me, I hate spoilers and I try hard not to divulge to much, as to not take away from the discovery as you read.

Laila finds herself kidnapped after she starts on a mission to find her brother. Naive to the world and the evil that lurks in it, she is now discovering the meaning of hell. I LOVED her. She suffers harsh consequences due to her non conformity. She refuses to go down without a fight. She refuses to accept her new fate and she has a strength that will impress you. As she struggles, she battles within herself to submit, even if the cost is her life.

Aiden, oh my.. *fans self* .. I would describe him as an anti-hero. He is the son of the man responsible for Laila's current situation. I found myself cheering for him to get the girl and then in the next moment wanting to slap him. I couldn't get a good read on him as to whether he was a good guy or a bad guy and that is part of what I loved about this book. Just when I thought I had it figured out, something would happen that left me scratching my head wondering what in the world is going on??? And as I kept turning the pages, I found myself wavering back and forth.

Add in Juan.. Aiden's brother. Evil to his core, he still surprised me. I actually found myself liking him more than I should have. I couldn't figure him out. He is the dark horse in this scenario. Mean as a snake and not afraid to take what he wants and how he wants it, he abuses his power and position for his own gain. He uses fear and manipulation to get what he wants, and he could care less who gets hurt in the process. He is positioning himself to take over his father's empire when the time comes, and is creating a name for himself using whatever means necessary. But, just when I had decided he was the devil reincarnate, he would do something that left my jaw on the floor. I have a feeling what you see is not what you get with him. But, I have to admit, I found myself guessing wrong throughout the entire book, so I could be dead wrong about Juan too. Iam dying to see how it plays out.

*side note-- this is not a love triangle. But both men play vital parts to the story. I know, sounds strange, but you just have to read it to understand what I mean*

Then just when I knew I had it figured out, I was thrown a curve ball that left my mouth hanging open. and then..... cliff hanger!!! Gah!!! I need book 2. Like right now... I need to know what is going to happen. Aiden and Laila's chemistry is undeniable. I want him to win the girl so bad. And Iam doing the hope dance that Aiden and Laila end up with an HEA, even though the circumstances that surround their meeting are so messed up.

Cliff hanger aside, this book was worth every second I spent reading it. I must warn you, if you are sensitive to abuse, rape, or violence, then this book is probably not for you.

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