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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog Tour -- Master Over You by Ethan Winters and Cerys du Lys (with EXCLUSIVE guest post, Giveaway and 5 Star Review)

Title: Master Over You: A Dark Romance Novel
Authors: Cerys du Lys, Ethan Winters
Publication date: October 20th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, 
Romance, Suspense


There’s a monster in every closet, and I’m in yours
My name is Noah. I’m not a nice person. This isn’t cupcakes and candyland, love.
I’ll take you, break you, and offer you to the highest bidder without a second thought. You’re mine now. It’s business, nothing personal. You wouldn’t understand, and I’m not going to explain it. Sorry, love, you don’t mean a thing to me.
Just know that there’s a monster in every closet, and I’m in yours.
Author Note – This dark romance novel contains themes that may be discomforting to some people. If you are sensitive to depictions of violence, then this book is not recommended for you.
(Ethan Winters official debut release co-authored with USA Today bestselling author Cerys du Lys)
Man’s POV = Ethan, Woman’s POV = Cerys
There is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, no matter how dim it may seem.

My 5 Star Review

What... but... it.... ummm... uh... what the hell did I just read???

OMG this was crazy, and I LOVED it!!! Loved... really guys... I don't even know where to start, Im not sure how to give this a fair review without spoilers, Im having a hard time trying to put into words how I feel and what I think... mind f**k... total mind f**k. That is what this was. I didn't see any of it coming.

Ok, Iam a dark reads lover... anyone that follows me knows this. And I love anything twisted and I love all things that come out of the blue. And this entire book kept me on my toes wondering what in the world was going on. And when the last page was flipped, I just sat there... dumfounded trying to pick my jaw off the floor. This was one of the best collaborations I have ever read, and Iam adding this to my top 2014 reads. Im doing the hope dance, crossing my fingers, and saying prayers that there is a follow up book. Can I bribe someone to give me more?? The epilogue set up beautifully for a followup and I may have to turn stalker to make sure it happens.

Noah... wow... Loved him. He was vulgar, and rude, and just did not care what anyone thought. He was brutally honest, he knew the things he did were wrong on so many levels, and yet he made no apologies for who he was and what he did. He came across heartless and money hungry. And I LOVED him... he is going on my favorite men list... I don't even care a little bit that he is a kidnapper that breaks women down and then sells them to vile men as sex slaves... he can kidnap me any day as long as I get to listen to his dirty mouth...

Angeline.. what a psycho. There is no other word for her. She is whacked. Im positive she is not firing on all cylinders and I wasn't sure how I felt about her until about 50% of the way through the book. But she was so crazy I couldnt help but be intrigued and the need to know the driving force behind why she was the way she was made me stay up late and get little sleep as I was desperately trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And let me tell you... I lost my jaw to the floor when it all began to come out... my heart actually ached for her and I found myself excusing her psychotic tendencies and finding really good reasons for the things she did. She was a bad-ass heroine and she made no excuses for who she was. She was emotionally turned off.. I swear her heart was black and didn't actually have a beat... some of the things she did will turn your stomach.

Chastity .. at first I was thinking she was a thrown in character. I couldn't figure out why she was even there. I will tell you that the reason she is a player in this, is because Noah kidnaps her for a client. She seemed like an odd little part to the story. Then I thought I had it figured out how she fit the puzzle. Then I found myself shocked at how she ended up fitting. Then the ending came and I was like wth?? Where did that come from?? Because I NEVER saw that coming.

This is where I will warn you. If you have trouble with torture, mind games, rape, kidnapping and general mind f**ckery, this book is not for you. There are some scenes that had I been in a movie theater, I would of been peeking behind my fingers, cringing at what I was watching. Some of the stuff is just plain out there, it's brutal and it is down right sick at times. I have to wonder a little bit about the sanity of the authors, and then I decided... screw it, because sane or not, they produced a brilliant book. It is going to be a hard act to follow, but as I said, Iam not beyond stalking to see it happen.


A lot of people have asked me where the idea for Master Over You came from, or where any of my ideas for books come from.  This is such an interesting question, but it's hard to explain sometimes, too, haha.

Ethan and I both worked on this together, so it wasn't just my ideas for Master Over You, but I think the collaborative process is great for explaining everything, so maybe that'll make this easier.

Honestly, most books are a huge mix of things, or a twist on what other people are doing.  It ends up being personal experiences, or ideas that came from seeing something else, or maybe a way we thought we could make one person's idea into a better one.  It's just a huge assortment of a bunch of stuff, which is kind of interesting in its own way because when you write it all out, it becomes its own singular thing.  And then someone else might get some ideas from that, and make something else that's different.

That's my favorite part of writing, actually.

For Master Over You, I don't think any of it is based off of true events, but there are some real things in it that are a little different than you might expect.  Angeline enjoys music, for example, and I'm almost always listening to music when I'm home.  Ethan likes movies a lot, and so does Noah.

I know that for Master Over You, we wanted to take the standard set up of a dark romance, start it almost like any other, and then completely twist it upside down into something entirely different.  I thought it'd be really fun, and Ethan liked my idea, which is how we came to work on this together to begin with.  Well, that and me asking/begging him, haha.  He came willingly!  There was no writer kidnapping going on... (not yet, at least.  Maybe later?  It might be sexy).

Anyways!  It was just a huge assortment of ideas that all kind of came together, both his and mine.  There are some other parts that I could maybe mention, but I don't want to spoil too much, so I'm not sure how to mention those, but there's just small little pieces of each of the characters that are a part of us, in ways that you might not expect.  We both grew up in a small village and we actually went to elementary school together (we were in the same 1st grade class, haha), but then he moved away in and we met again in high school.  Does that happen in Master Over You?  Nope!  But if you've read it, it might sound sort of similar to something else in the book.

So, I guess some of the more regular parts are sort of based in reality in some way.  Then we twisted them into a story that was intense and emotional, but also romantic.  It's a little hard to explain sometimes, but it's exciting in its own way, too.

Cerys is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She has charted on numerous best sellers and hot new release lists internationally and with multiple books.

Ethan is a gentleman, an author, a lover, and occasionally a rake, a cad, and a dom, but only if you've been good (punishing good girls is more entertaining than punishing the naughty ones). He lives in the Greater Boston area in a small town in New Hampshire where he grew up.

He has a penchant for exploring and traveling, with a passion for the unique and interesting. His interests include reading, exercising, laying on the beach, spanking (good girls), romancing, smiling, going for walks that lead to nowhere, hiking, bondage, and one day he would love to travel to Alask

His writing delves into the human experience, with a preference towards a psychological thriller twist. He loves mystery, dark romance, and suspense. While some of his writing may be twisted, he believes in romantic true love, above all things. His books include raw, real emotions, good and bad. He believes there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, and his writing hopes to encompass that.

He loves happy endings, kissing, and a focus on the ordinary turned extraordinary.

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