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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blog Tour -- To Murder Matt by Viveca Benoir

Book: To Murder Matt
Author: Viveca Benoir
Genre: Dark NA
Pages: 316 approx
Host by: Francessca’s Romance Reviews


How can one man ruin every life he touches? 

When sexy former racing driver and now international playboy, Matt, ends up in hospital, four people sit outside his room and wait to hear whether he will live or die. 

Each one of them wants him dead. 

This book takes you on an exciting roller coaster through each of their lives. A breathtaking story of lives entwined in desire, passion, lies, deceit and epic betrayals. 

What makes one man so hated by everyone?

Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/1wcLeGR
Amazon USA – http://amzn.to/1zJ6ebW

What Reviewers are saying --- 
“I really liked it. The concept is AMAZING, four people sitting outside a hospital room, all wanting him dead…It’s like if Alfred Hitchcock and Guy Ritchie had a baby … with a splash of Eli Roth, for good scary measure. Matt was the ultimate villain. He meets Ellen, and he’s such a cool guy. He meets Dean, and he’s such a cool guy. But then he becomes more and more twisted, and then BAM! Holy psycho-man! Very interesting to read. A word that came to mind a lot when I was thinking how I would describe this book, was “captivating”. Very, very captivating.”  5*****

This book reminds me of the good days of writers like Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins.  Plenty of things to enjoy, a good storyline, lots of glamour, great sex scenes  (I held my breath for some).  A true beach bonkbuster that will have you panting for more.  A perfect and intelligent read!  5*****

Good job on your first book! I have beta read quite a few books in the last few months, and most of those authors had already self-published several books, and I gotta be honest, your book is far better than a lot of theirs – story content is surprisingly lost on a lot of people. 5*****

You kept me interested right until the end. Great characters, a surprising plot, even better twists and the way the story weaves everywhere. It shocked me right out of my seat at times. I couldn’t second guess you and some of the moments had me smiling, some squirming and some crying a quiet tear. Kudos. — 5*****
An intricate and interesting twisting Plot full of turns and surprises with rich characters that held me captive until I finished the book.  The book takes you from the start right through to a climactic ending. Please tell me you will write a sequel!   I want to keep reading about them.  Breathtaking. 5*****

Good on you for being daring enough and brave enough to write a story like this! 5*****
I imagine it was difficult to write, I applaud you on it and am glad you put it (difficult issues) in there. I loved, loved, LOVED the ending – all them trying to kill him, not realizing they were all trying at the same time. Almost like a Greek play, or a farce, or something. 311 x A4 pdf pages, and I read it in just three days (I had to work, so that slowed me down.), so it was definitely a book I had trouble putting down. I will be very interested in reading Matt’s story!
Holy Thrill Ride, Batman! 15 May 2014 5*****
By Jennifer – Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition
I read this book over the course of about three days – but only because work got in the way. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like it.The book is four twisting plot lines coming together – Veronique, Ellen, Dean, and Nico. One loves the other, but the other loves someone else, and that someone else is struggling with someone else. Some of them have never met, some of them have known each other forever. All will be ripped apart. The tie that binds them in the end – Matt. An ultimate villain. At first, you want him, but by the end, you’re trying to think of ways to murder him, too.Definitely an intense read. The subject matter isn’t for the faint of heart, but things like that need to be written because things like that happen in the real world.It would make for an interesting movie – I kept imagine Danny Elfman music as the soundtrack.It’s a fast paced book, so despite the intensity of it, it isn’t a difficult read.I will definitely be looking forward to reading Matt’s book!
Published on Barnes & Noble. 16th May 2014 5*****
WOW, WOW. I was made a hostage to this book.  Wow.
WOW, WOW. I was made a hostage to this book.Wow, what a crazy ride that was. I laughed, I cried and I loved Matt, then I HATED him. HATED him.  WHAT A PSYCHO!!
I have a (secret) crush on Nico, although I didn’t like him at the beginning.
I wanted to slap Ellen for being so god damn stupid. Why can’t she see the obvious? Dean is sweet, sexy sweet.  Veronique is the woman we all thought we would want to be, until you find out what she has been through. This is a book that makes you think as you go along, it draws you in.  When you get past the first few chapters you get lost in there.
The world disappears and they become real.  I thought I knew what would happen, but I never did. I was continually surprised. I normally take weeks to read a book, but I honestly couldn’t put it down.  It went so fast. I actually didn’t want to finish the book.
When are the next books coming out?
The author page says there are more books coming, when? How long do we have to wait??  It’s a book that grabs you. I read the other reviewer here and I agree with them.  What a great movie it would make.  There is graphic sex, and boy, it grabs you by the throat and takes you right there. I had to read through, with my hands over my eyes, it was like watching a horror film. I didn’t want to be there.
The writer and the characters don’t let you go until you reach the end.  Such a great story. THE BEST.  What an end.  WOW. WOW. WOW.


Born to British Army parents, Viveca grew up in Europe and speaks six European languages fluently, which basically means she can buy food wherever she goes. Married, with two biological children, plus four adopted children. Now, years later, the kids all grown up, she is an international best selling author, writing a variety of genres. Her hobbies, when not writing, include sailing, flying, ski-ing, fencing, dressage, and playing the cello