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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cover Reveal --- Destined by Delisa Lynn

Series: Embracing
Author: Delisa Lynn
Release date: Dec. 31st


Ashton Ellis was always the player. One woman changed that when he vowed to love her forever. Things changed with her over the years and they only got worse. He didn’t think that it would have gotten as bad as it did. After divorcing her, his main goal was to focus on his son AJ. He was going to do everything he could to protect his son, from the monstrous mother that gave birth to him.
Working and focusing on his son, Ashton felt there was still something missing. He needed more than the regular one night stands he had become accustomed to. Never letting any of the woman into his heart, never letting them in his home. That was until she came along. He could see the way she looked at him and AJ. Would she be the one to show AJ what a real mother is?
Ansley Dolce grew up in a broken home. As soon as she turned eighteen, she was out of that hell-hole. She moved from Pennsylvania to Arkansas in hopes of starting over. She started working and met the man of her dreams. Or so she thought. After a five year relationship it was time to start over. Leaving Little Rock, she heads to California. There she continued working as a teacher during the day and spending her weekends alone.
Ashton intrigued Ansley, he was different. Could there be more to him underneath all those tattoos? She’d seen him with his son, she knows he is a wonderful father.
Can fate bring Ashton and Ansley together? Are they Destined to be together after everything they’ve been through?