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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reading Order --- Abbi Glines

Abbi Glines --- how do I even describe her stuff? Fantastic. Hot. Can't put it down. Book Hangovers. Freaking Fantastic Men (Rush Finlay -- need I say more?) Brilliant writing. Sassy, take no shit leading ladies. Rock Stars. Country Boys. Men with Money. Backstabbing. Psychotic ex's. Jealous rivals. Controlling fathers.... you get the idea... just all in all, brilliant story lines, gripping plots, and page turners that keep you up all night. I have never read a book by Abbi I did not like. Ive never hated any of her leading men. Some I like more than others (Rush Finlay is the King of all things Abbi), but all of her men make me swoon and wish I could jump into the pages, and jump on them. Seriously, I would fight any of the leading ladies for 1 night with their leading men...

I think Abbi is considered a YA writer??? However,  I totally disagree with this. I wouldnt let my 13 year old read her stuff. Because even though the sex scenes are not some of the hottest erotica I have ever read, they are hot enough to leave you panting. (Just wait until you read the scene of Rush and Blaire's 1st time -- I want to be Blaire) Her books are most defiantly not all about the sex. They are well written, plot driven, stories that have really good sex in them.  All of her books are more about the story than the actual sex. Which is not a bad thing. When done right, a book doesnt need really erotic sex scenes. Don't misunderstand me -- I love a really good sex scene. I love to picture myself as the heroine that is getting fucked into the mattress (or carpet, or spanking bench, or backseat of the car........) And a good sex scene can add to a book. But, you all know what books Im talking about, the ones that would really be a 1.5 - 2 star read, but the sex scenes were so good that they made it a 3 - 3.5 star read.  

Abbi's books are freaking fantastic. And she is one of the authors I put down whatever I am reading to dive into her newest release.  Now, I will confess, I have not read the last few of Sea Breeze books. I know, I know.. *hangs head in shame* .... But it's only because the blog has gotten so busy. And I took on more ARC's than I normally do. But with so many great books getting ready to release, I found myself not being able to click the "no, I dont want to review for this tour" button.... *sigh* the hardships of a blog owner...... 

Anywho.... back to Abbi. If you have not read anything by her, what the hell are you waiting for?? Really.. get on it. Go right now and get one of her books. You wont regret it. But you cant come back here and yell at me because you forgot to feed the kids and the laundry still needs to be done... seriously... you will devour her books. And you will be a lot lighter in the checkbook and your husband will wonder why every other line on the bank statement says "Amazon"... just tune him out when he starts fussing and go into your head, and meet up with your favorite Abbi guy... it will be worth it!!!!

Happy Reading!!! xoxo

Abbi Glines 
Amazon -- Find Her Books Here 

Ok, the confusion with Abbi's books usually lies in the fact that The Rosemary Beach series is made up of 3 different series. Too Far Series (4 books), Perfection Series (2 books), and Chance Series (2 books), with at least 6 more stories planned. All of series are based around a group of friends in Rosemary Beach. All of the books mingle together, and they all have carry over characters. You do not have to read the 3 trilogies in order to be able to understand or enjoy them. But each trilogy has carry over situations from the books before it. So, you will get the most out of the books if you do. And with that being said, you do need to at least read each trilogy in order or you will be confused. Iam going to list each series individually, and then list them in the recommended reading order. 

Too Far series

Rush and Blaire's story.

Followed by the Perfection series and the Chance series.

Part of the Rosemary Beach series.

Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1)
Never Too Far (Too Far, #2)
Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3)
Rush Too Far (Too Far, #4)

Perfection series

Spin-off from the Too Far trilogy.
Woods and Della's story.

Part of the Rosemary Beach series.

Twisted Perfection (Perfect...

Simple Perfection (Perfecti...

Chance series

Spin-off from the Too Far trilogy.
Grant's story.

Part of the Rosemary Beach series.

Take a Chance (Chance, #1)

One More Chance (Chance, #2)

*****Rosemary Beach Series Reading Order*****

Rosemary Beach series

Combination of smaller series Too Far series, the Perfection series, and the Chance series.

1. Fallen Too Far (Rush & Blaire)
2. Never Too Far (Rush & Blaire)
3. Forever Too Far (Rush & Blaire)
4. Rush Too Far (Rush & Blaire)
5. Twisted Perfection (Woods & Della)
6. Simple Perfection (Woods & Della)
7. Take A Chance (Grant & Harlow)
8. One More Chance (Grant & Harlow)
9. You Were Mine (Tripp & Bethy)
10. Kiro's Emily (FREE novella)
11. When I’m Gone (Mase #1)
12. Title TBA (Mase #2)
13. Title and characters TBA
14. Title TBA (Nan) 

Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1)
Never Too Far (Too Far, #2)
Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3)
Rush Too Far (Too Far, #4) Rush's POV
Twisted Perfection (Perfect...
Simple Perfection (Perfecti...
Take a Chance (Chance, #1)
One More Chance (Chance, #2)
You Were Mine (Rosemary Bea...
Kiro's Emily (Rosemary Beac...
  expected publication 2014

When I'm Gone (Rosemary Bea...
  expected publication 2015 

When You're Back (Rosemary ...
  expected publication 2015

Untitled (Rosemary Beach, #13)
Untitled (Rosemary Beach, #14)

Sea Breeze series

Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)
Because of Low (Sea Breeze,...
While It Lasts (Sea Breeze,...
Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4)
Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Bre...
Misbehaving (Sea Breeze, #6)
Bad for You (Sea Breeze, #7)
Hold on Tight (Sea Breeze, #8)
Until the End (Sea Breeze, #9)

The Vincent Boys series

The Vincent Boys (The Vince...
The Vincent Brothers (The V...
My Vincent Boys (The Vincen...

The Field Party series

Untitled (The Field Party, #1)
  expected publication 2015

Existence Trilogy

Existence (Existence Trilog...
Predestined (Existence Tril...
Leif (Existence Trilogy, #2.5)
Ceaseless (Existence Trilog...