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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reading Order -- Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley -- Easily my favorite author ever. I love her stuff. And although I have felt a little let down since she signed with the publishing co, I have still never read a book by her that I hated. Iam literally praying she dumps the publishing company or demands she creative freedom be given back to her. The editors have taken her voice from her, and in my opinion, some of her newer books just don't have the same vibe as her older, self published works. Don't get me wrong. NONE of her books suck. It's just that her self published works are superior to the traditionally published ones. And I really really really hope, she tells the publishing company to take a flying leap off the nearest bridge when her contract is up. They have helped make her even more popular than she was --- win for her. But a loss to her fans that have been reading her for the last bazzilion years...

Find KA and stalk her.. she is funny as hell, and random in her posting. Her posts will crack you up, and she has regular giveaways and sneak peeks into her current works in progress..

Amazon -- Find Her Books Here 

A lot of KA's characters show up in other series. It is one of the things I love the best about her books. You get to see some of your favorites show up and grace the pages of other books. Lee Nightengale, from the Rock Chicks, sweeps in to save the day in a few of the other series. And who would complain about seeing the great Lee Nightengale??

I recommend the following reading order because some of the books will have spoilers if you have not read some of the other ones. For instance, you do not want to read Rock Chick Revolution (#8 in the series) until you have read the 1st 4 Burg Series books. Why you ask?? I can't tell you..lol.. but you will spoil the Burg series if you do.

So, here we go ---

The Rock Chicks:

Based in Denver, the Rock Chick Series is eight books that take you on the wild ride of the courtships of the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch.

Rock Chick (Rock Chick, #1)

Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chi...

Rock Chick Redemption (Rock...

Rock Chick Renegade (Rock C...

Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Ch...

Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock ...

Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chi...


Dream Man series

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)
Wild Man (Dream Man, #2)

Law Man (Dream Man, #3)
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)
  (My all time favorite book... my book Husband -- Kane "Tack" Allen)

Chaos series

Spin off of Motorcycle Man from the Dream Man Series. Centers around the Chaos MC.

Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)

A Christmas to Remember (Lu...

Ride Steady (Chaos, #3)
  Expected publication 2015 

The Colorado Mountain Series:

The Colorado Mountain Series takes place in two fictional Colorado towns situated close to each other, Gnaw Bone and Carnal. This series that will be eight novels follows the stories of eight connected men on their rocky road to second chances.

The series follows the stories of Holden "Max" Maxwell, Tatum "Tate" Jackson, Tyrell "Ty" Walker, Chace Keaton, Graham Reece, Deke Hightower, Jacob Decker and Coal "Wood" Blackwood.

The Gamble (Colorado Mounta...

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Moun...

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountai...

Breathe (Colorado Mountain,...

The 'Burg series

Based in my hometown of Brownsburg, Indiana, The 'Burg Series will be six books following the interweaving tales of friends, family, love and crime in a small town.

For You (The 'Burg, #1)

At Peace (The 'Burg, #2)

Golden Trail (The 'Burg, #3)

Games of the Heart (The 'Bu...

Unfinished Hero series

The Unfinished Hero Series is very new (first book published in April 2012) and as yet, I have not quite decided how many books will make up this series. At the very least, it will be three. Perhaps five. However, these stories will be interweaving.

They are also not my usual steamy romances, they are erotic romances. Not erotica, as such, but the sex in these books, starting with Knight is quite explicit and explores the intricacies of love and trust in a relationship including sexually. 
As the tales unfold, I don't know how this will continue. However, as it stands in my head, this series will continue to explore these themes however they come about for my characters.

That said, these are love stories. It isn't about sex, it is about happily ever after. As always.

And last, one final warning, the heroes of these books are anti-heroes. They are good men who do bad things. They have their reasons. They have their own codes. They may seek (and find) redemption. Or they may not. They simply are who they are, do what they do and find love along the way.

Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1)

Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2)

Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3)

Deacon (Unfinished Hero, #4)

Back to The Colorado Mountain Series:

Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5)

Kaleidoscope (Colorado Moun...

Back to The Burg Series:

The Promise (The 'Burg, #5)

The Three series

The Three Series will be a trilogy which follow the three couples, mixtures of immortal and mortal, prophesied to save humanity. We start with a vampire and a human. We move onto werewolves. And after that... surprise!

Until the Sun Falls from th...

With Everything I Am (The T...

Wild and Free (The Three, #3)

Magdalene series

1 work, 1 primary work

The Magdalene series is a new series starting in 2014. It will be a trilogy of romances set in the fictional town of Magdalene, Maine.

The Will (Magdalene, #1)


Heaven and Hell series

Heaven and Hell (Heaven and...
Untitled (Heaven and Hell, #2) Expected Publication 2015

Fantasyland series

The Fantasyland Series will be a series of five novels that take place in our world and a parellel universe where fantasies are true... but perhaps not all you would expect.

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland...
The Golden Dynasty (Fantasy...
Fantastical (Fantasyland, #3)
Broken Dove (Fantasyland, #4)
Untitled (Fantasyland, #5) Expected Publication 2015

Ghosts and Reincarnation series

An important FYI: Three books in my Ghosts and Reincarnation Series take place in my favorite National Trust properties. Penmort Castle is based on Dunster Castle. Sommersgate House takes place in a property based on Tyntesfield. And Lacybourne Manor in one based on Clevedon Court. If you ever have the opportunity, my strong recommendation is to see these beautiful properties and hopefully, one day, you can read these books that fictionally take place in them. To learn more about The National Trust, go to: www.nationaltrust.org.uk (less)

Penmort Castle (Ghosts and ...
Sommersgate House (Ghosts a...
Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts an...

Fairytale Come Alive (Ghost...
Lucky Stars (Ghosts and Rei...

Mathilda's Book of Shadows series 


Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathi...