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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review: Blyssful Lies by J.C. Cliff

Blyssful Lies
Blyssful Lies by J.C. Cliff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 I really need more than 5 Stars to rate this.....

**Mature Audiences Only** This book is intended for mature audiences only (18+) and contains explicit scenes that some may consider non-erotic and dark in theme.

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! No! No! No! It did not end that way. I am missing pages, it didnt upload right... this is a cruel joke... *falls to knees and cries*

She warned me --- J.C. WARNED me - there is a HUGE cliff hanger. HUGE! The mother of all cliffhangers -- the kind that has you crying because you NEED the next book so bad. She warned me and I still wasnt prepared. I kept trying to get my kindle to change pages because I just knew she wouldnt do that to me..Gah... someone find me her address so I can stalk, threaten, beg, borrow and steal for book 3.... I may not survive this.. I didnt think I would survive the time between book 1 and this one... I really dont think I am going to survive the time until #3... I wonder if I can convince her to send me the chapters as she finishes????

Holy Mother of Books.... I freaking LOVED this one. I loved the 1st one, but with this, the author has found her stride, and it was even better than the 1st. JC Cliff has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. You know the ones that no matter what you are reading at the time of their new release, you set it aside and quickly one click their newest book and dive in. The one you are stalking their facebook page to make sure you do not miss anything -- she is that author. Her books are brilliant and and if you have not read Blyss you need to head on over to Amazon and grab your copy now.

Ok... where do I start?? Blyssful Lies picks up right where Blyss left off.. this series is fast paced and packed full of action. Yet you never feel like you are missing out or going to fast. If anything you are trying to read faster because you have an intense need to find out what happens next. I was so into this one that I was reading while sitting in the drive thru line at Starbucks or waiting my turn at the bank drive thru. I was putting my clients under the big hair dryers at work to process (Iam a hairdresser btw) just to get another 10 minutes of reading. I was like a crack addict and I couldnt get enough.

So what the heck is going on KC??? Well, here we go.. Iam going to do my best to explain all of this without giving anything away. You know me if you follow me and I do not do spoilers. So do not worry about anything being given away -- it wont happen...

In the 1st book, Blyss, we are introduced to our main players. Jules is our heroine, I love her. She has this amazing quiet strength about her. You think she is a docile door mat, but soon realize she is as feisty as they come.

Nick has her kidnapped. Now, talk about your insane, what in the world is wrong with this man character-- but I love him too!!! I want to poke and pry and get into his head to find out why he is the way he is and why he does what he does, and Iam really really really hoping that in the end we will discover they why. Nick runs an underground sex slave operation, that rely's heavily on the use of an experimental drug called Bylss. The drug keeps the women docile and horny and sexually inhibited ... I almost wish I could find some just for the sexual experience.. lol Nick is a player, yet for some reason the minute he meets Jules he decides to bide his time and take her when he feels the time is right... well, her time came. And where Nick usually grabs and trains women to sell to the highest bidder, his plan is to keep Jules for himself and take himself off the market.

Travis *sigh*, is the 3rd in this scenario. I am soooo in love with Travis. He has a wounded soul and has such a hard exterior, and as I was reading and watched him lay himself open for Jules, I fell more and more in love with him. Now, dont worry, Iam not a fan of love triangles. So if the idea of a love triangle turns you off, dont worry. I cant explain it, but even though this is a love triangle it isnt a love triangle. I know I know... that makes no sense. All I can say is that you have to read the books to understand what I mean. Travis is Nick's right hand man. His trainer. He is usually able to keep himself shut off from the things he does, and he does not form attachments.. until Jules. Jules is his Game Changer.

Both men want her. Both men love her. Both men want to claim and keep her for themselves... But, Jules has other ideas... she wants her freedom. Yet she cant deny the way she feels for Travis. But she cant have Travis... she is stuck with Nick -- or is she??? Iam dying to find out how this all plays out.

You must must must read these books. If you are a dark reads fan you are missing out if you haven't read them. If you are not a darker reads fans, this one may not be for you. There is no fluff. And there are a few scenes that will tear your heart out and make you want to cry over what Nick subjects Jules to. Please bear this in mind before you decide to purchase this series... if the darker elements are not an issue you need to go quick and start 1 clicking.... then get ready, hold on and enjoy the ride.

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