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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cover Reveal -- Fight For My Heart by TS Dooley --

image (5)
After being hurt in the worst way, Taleah Bryant tries to move on with her life. Shes in college has a new best friend and is avoiding her twin brother and ex-boyfriend at all costs.
On move in day Taleah goes to a fight with her roommate and meets the most intriguing pair of hazel eyes she's ever seen.

Vin has always been a play boy. Fight, sex, and not caring has always been routine. Before his fight he finally sees the girl that will change his world.

Family tears them apart, a mistake brings them together, and girlfriends sabotage their love.

Who can be trusted? Whose to blame? And will love ever be enough?

Due to mature content 18 & over!
Cover Reveal Teaser 1
Cover Reveal Teaser 2
Cover Reveal Teaser 3
image (7)
T.S. Dooley, is a born and raised Texan girl who started a blog and it turned into writing a book. When I'm not at home with my husband and kids, I'm a librarian and still involved with everything books. It wasn't my dream to get to this state in the ebook/novel business, but after a few pushes into a story I was thinking about, my characters came to life and I haven't been happier than to share all of their journeys with you.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog Tour and Review-- Craving Redemption By Nicole Jacquelyn ---

Book 2 in The Aces MC series.


Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world.

They should have never crossed paths.

But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him.

They part believing they’ll never see each other again.
Neither could have predicted the chain of events they’d put in motion.

Now the two have to navigate the dark waters of a relationship built on tragedy and need without drowning in guilt for things outside their control.

How do you love someone when the worst decision of your life was the reason you met them?


My Review:  5 of 5 Stars

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

OMG...I LOVED this!! I was in love with Craving Constellations, and I was more than ready for Craving Redemption. And it was worth the wait.

I LOVED Asa (aka Grease). Loved him. He was a perfect blend of Alpha Male and kind hearted lover. I adored him.
Callie ended up being the kind of heroine I love. Strong, able, independent...with the ability to stand on her own two feet. Refused to back down from a fight and stood up for what she believed in.

Craving Redemption is the story of young love that forms into a solid life altering soul needing love. When Asa rescues Callie from a bad situation, she is only 16. He knows he can't have her, but that doesnt stop him from wanting her. But, he does the right thing and walks away, never forgetting the young girl that so quickly roots herself under his skin.

When tragedy strikes Callie, she is left with no where to turn. Terrified and unsure, she reaches out to Asa. Asa, scared out of his mind, calls in back up and makes the trip from Oregon to California to get Callie. What he finds will forever change their lives. Asa claims Callie as his, against what the rest of the club thinks, and sets out to not only take care of her, but save her. The problem is, making someone so dependent on you gets hard, and tiring. Resentment begins to build, on both sides. But when Asa pushes Callie to get it together, and learn to stand on her own two feet, he gets more than he bargained for. And what Asa doesnt realize, is that Callie is hiding all her demons.

Life is not easy for a 16 year old trying to make it on their own. And Callie has to grow up quick. With life coming at her from 1000 different directions, is it more than she can handle?? Will she keep pushing Asa away from her? Will Asa finally have enough and walk away?

Craving Redemption kept me turning the pages. I needed to know what was going to happen next. I literally spent all day reading and read it in one sitting---thank goodness it was my day off.

You do not have to read Craving Constellations in order to enjoy Craving Redemption. But, you will understand more of what is going on in the background if you do, and besides, Craving Constellations was an awesome read too.  

Book 1 Information

Craving Constellations
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17859911-craving-constellations

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Craving-Constellations-Aces-Nicole-Jacquelyn-ebook/dp/B00EUBF8NY

Cover Reveal --Something Like Normal by Monica James --

Coming May 2014...




* Book #1 in the
Something Like Normal Series *

Mia Lee has a secret…

A secret she’s
kept hidden since she was eight years old, however, Mia will no longer allow
that secret to define her.

An irrevocable
decision has left Mia Lee a fugitive and on the run—a circumstance that should
leave her weak and scared, yet Mia has never felt so alive.

Under the pseudonym of Paige Cassidy, Mia
is ready to live the life she’s never had, and she’s determined not to allow
her tainted past dictate her promising future.

Paige is on a
Greyhound bus heading from L.A. to South Boston, Virginia, to start a new life.
A life that includes finding her mother, who abandoned her at age three. But
what she finds, is four people, who will change her life forever.

Yet no one can outrun their past…

Especially one
filled with bitter memories, which refuse to remain hidden.


Monica James spent her youth devouring
the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson.

When she is not writing, Monica is busy, running her own
business, but she always finds a balance between the two. She enjoys writing
honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories,hoping to leave an imprint on her
readers, and her inspiration comes from every day life. 

Monica James resides in Melbourne,
Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals. 

She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks and lip gloss, and secretly
wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.


Cover Reveal--Distraction and Desire by Kizzie Darker --

Goodreads Link:

She was his distraction, he her desire.

Joanne Woods thought her broken heart would never heal again when Luke ripped her world apart. Upon deciding to take a much needed vacation to Paris, the city of love, would a chance meeting change her life forever?

Nathan Jones moonlights as a successful business man but unbeknown to Joanna he secretly works as a CIA agent travelling the world, tackling crime.
He has already lost one love of his life, will he risk it all when he meets Joanna? Joanna and Nathan have chemistry but will it be enough to make their relationship work?

Will Joanna be able to handle the truth when she finds out who Nathan really is or will it end in further heartache?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cover Reveal --Taint by SL Jennings

 Goodreads Link:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Worlds Colliding by Jani Kaye -- Release Day Blitz and Review

Title: Two Worlds Colliding
Series: #1 Scorpio Stinger MC
Author:  Jani Kay
Release Date: March 18, 2014

All any woman ever wants, is to know that she’s worth fighting for. All any man ever wants, is to know that he can take care of his woman. Protect her, provide for her, look after her needs and desires. That’s enough. Right? WRONG. It matters where they come from. It matters who their family is. Especially when it’s from polar opposite worlds.
Opposites attract. Ryder and Jade are drawn to one another like magnets. The Princess and the Biker. They fall in lust—hard. But is it strong enough to lead to love when everything is stacked against them?
Will Jade follow her heart or her head? Ryder OR her family. Can Ryder forget his allegiance to his brothers and his club to have his Princess? Jade OR his family.
Is Jade worth fighting for?
What happens when Ryder and Jade’s two worlds collide? Is what they have strong enough to overcome the odds? Or will their worlds destroy one another and rip them apart.
Is the ultimate price too high?

Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby - Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).


US: http://amzn.to/1nC6vaA

If you haven't read the prequel...it's not needed, but recommended. It gives the back story into how Ryder and Jade meet. As well as background information on Jade's life.

Goodreads Link:

Purchase links for Ryder (#0.5 Scorpio Stinger MC)
US: http://amzn.to/1e3dnIQ
UK: http://amzn.to/M6KQGa


Release Day Blitz --Covered In Coal by Silla Web--




Carly Jo Simon believed that Colton Weston was her future, but he shattered her heart into tiny pieces. Just like any little girl would, she assumed her daddy would always be by her side. Unbelievably, he turned his back on her when she needed him most, leaving her with no one in her life to turn to for support. Without options, Carly runs away from the only home she's ever known, leaving behind her heartache and the betrayal of the two men she loved most.

Seven years later, Carly reluctantly returns to Kentucky. Her daddy is dying of cancer and Colton is nothing like the boy she once loved and left. After her daddy passes, Carly must uproot her life in South Carolina and take control of Simon Coal Company, where she has no choice but face the pain of her past.

Can Carly keep her secrets buried deep beneath the black Kentucky coal and her heart safe from the fiery Colton Weston?

                                                         Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1ol7sRm
                                                        Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/PK7TZZ
                                                        Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1cSONe3

Silla Webb is a Kentucky native, raised in the heart of the coal fields. A coal truck driver's daughter, and a railroader's wife, the coal fields own a special place in her heart.

She is a work at home, Super Momma to three rowdy boys, who keep her on her feet from daylight to sunset. As a pass time from her everyday life, Silla started a blog-Momma's Secret Book Obsession, for reviewing romance novels. From there, she realized that not only did she have a natural love for reading and reviewing, but she found that lost love of writing that she once had as a young girl.
When she isn't conquering the world as a wife, momma and Super Woman, Silla loves to lay on the front porch swing and read while sipping sweet tea, just passin' the day away.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Blog Tour and Review--Bound And Unbroken by Skye Callahan --



Lena is about to discover pleasure in the things she can’t control.

To get even with her roommate for dragging her to a sports bar on a Friday night, Lena begins flirting with the handsome stranger who sits at the bar next to her. Their anonymous conversation leads to a shared cab ride, but Lena’s conscience puts a damper on the evening—leaving the near-fling to become a memory. Until she finds him roaming the halls of the school where she teaches.

Will she submit to his desires?

Eric’s only reason for returning to his hometown is to care for his recently orphaned nephew. He knew the return would involve dredging up his past with family and friends, but he didn't expect a lone girl to capture his interest and offer an escape within his new life.

Will his binds be enough to keep her?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content (including BDSM themes), graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: M/f anal play, bondage, spanking, exhibitionism

Excerpt #1
Her muscles seized under his hot grasp. “Let me go,” she whispered through gritted teeth.
“Let yourself go.”
She met his gaze expecting anger to swirl around his eyes as well, but his face was relaxed—a stark contrast to the tight grip he had on her wrist.
“What do you want?” As soon as she stopped trying to pull away, he loosened her grip.
He turned his hand over so that it rested palm up on the table. “A nice evening out with you.”
“And after that?”
“I like you, Lena. And, I suspect there’s far more to you than you’re willing to accept.”
She folded her arms across her chest, making sure he wouldn’t have the opportunity to grab her again. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls you pick up at sports bars.”
His eyes widened, but he still didn’t move his hand from where it stretched across the table toward her in an invitation. “Now that you mention it, I do.”
Lena’s jaw dropped. It wasn’t that she expected him to deny it, but an outright admission was even more disturbing.
“You’re the first,” he clarified.
“I don’t buy that.”
Eric shrugged, “Believe it or not, I don’t usually pick up girls at bars.”
“Then where do you usually pick them up?”
Eric’s smile widened, and he rubbed his lips together. “Most of the girls I’ve dated I either met through mutual friends or at BDSM clubs.”
Lena’s breath echoed in her ears, and she wondered if she heard him wrong. The roar drowned out any thought to move or respond.
“I didn’t expect it to freak you out that much.”

My Review:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Bound and Unbroken left me wanting book two...I need more.

Lena is a shy, quiet school teacher. Surviving the foster care system, she has secrets and scars, that only her roommate, Jeremiah knows about. She rarely goes out. She doesnt date. She is very much a loner. Burned by her ex, Landon, she has no desire to get back in the game and prefers her books and quiet nights at home.

Jeremiah convinces her to go out, where he leaves her unattended while he takes off to hang with his buddies. Sitting alone, she is approached by a handsome stranger. No names are exchanged. No numbers are given, but conversation flows and Lena feels a pull towards the man she has dubbed "Rusty".

When Rusty offers to share a cab home, Lena takes a chance. Rusty leaves Lena with a goodbye kiss that is unlike anything she has ever experienced. And then, he walks away.

A chance encounter has the two running into each other. Is it fate?

Bound and Unbroken is the story of Love awakening and sexual discovery. It's about learning to trust and submitting to desires. As Lena and Eric (aka Rusty) weather the storms, Eric has to decide if Lena's demons are worth the fight, and Lena has to decide if Eric's proclivities are something she can handle.

Eric introduces Lena to the world of BDSM. Bound and Unbroken is a light BDSM story (in my opinion). I loved the love story. I loved the self discovery. And had the BDSM elements been a bit harder I would have given this book at 5. But, preference and taste, the scenes left me wanting more. I will absolutely author stalk until the next book comes out.


New Release--The Beast by Jaden Wilkes --


-Blog Tour and Review --Perfect Opposite by Zoya Tessi --

Perfect Opposite by Zoya Tessi

 Their wishes were simple and modest. Fate had other things in store though, and she can be a real bitch sometimes.

- All he wanted was to get the job done and somehow to endure those long months playing nanny to a spoiled little rich girl. Without strangling her with his bare hands in the process. Well, it is going to be much easier said than done.

- All she wanted was to escape the past and live like any other nineteen-year-old girl. Her plan definitely didn’t include the arrogant, tattooed savage, with his awful mohawk hair and lack of social graces, whose only mission was to stick real close and mess up her life.

But, people aren't always what they seem to be, are they?

My Review:

I received a copy of Perfect Opposite in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this one. When I hear bad boy, tattooed, and mafia..Im all in....how about you?

The story opens introducing us to a mystery man. I couldnt figure out where the prologue fit in, until almost the very end. And I love that!!!

Sasha is trying hard to get away from the life she grew up with. Desperately trying to carve her own future, away from her father's shady dealings, she has grown bitter and cynical. Now, I must admit, it took me a while to warm up to her. She comes off as a total spoiled brat, one that literally pitches a fit when things do not go her way. But as the story progressed, and you learn more of the things she had to contend with growing up, things she has lived through and endured, you begin to have a better understanding as to why she behaves the way she does.

Alex, OMGoodness--->can we say YUM!!! I LOVED him. He is broody, and secretive. He is tattooed head to toe and built like a mac truck. His face remains expressionless, and you are constantly left wondering what is going on inside his head. But at the same time, you want to attach yourself to him and never let go. He is a total jerk, comes off cold and distant. The kind of guy you want to get inside his head and learn all his secrets, and the things that make him tick.

Alex is one of Sasha's father's top men. One of his most trusted foot soldiers, so when a competitor threatens to have her killed in move of retaliation against her father, Alex is sent to play body guard and watch out for Sasha. The problem is, no one in Sasha's new life know who Sasha really is. No one knows who her father, the criminal mastermind, is or how she grew up. So how is she supposed to explain the sudden appearance of a tattooed hot guy constantly following her around?? The solution?? Move him into the spare bedroom of her apartment, and say he is a distant relative in need of a place to stay.

As Sasha tries to navigate life with a constant shadow, she finds herself drawn to the mysterious Alex, as she is fighting so hard to stay away. When the unthinkable happens, Sasha is forced into hiding with Alex. As time wears on, the constant pull she feels towards him becomes harder to resist. And as Sasha finds her resolve weakening, Alex continues to fight against the feelings he has come to have towards Sasha. Will these two ever get on the same page??

As Sasha and Alex finally begin to work towards building a relationship, secrets are spilled, and missing puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. But when Alex's deepest darkest secret is finally revealed, will Sasha be able to move past it? Or will the love that fate has brought together fall apart before it ever has a chance grow solid??

Sasha and Alex'x story is full of twists and turns, and a lot of the unexpected. I love when a book keeps me on my toes, and Perfect Opposite delivered.

Amazon Link:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cover Reveal--Desired by Stacey Kennedy--

                                                                Desired by Stacey Kennedy

Publisher: Loveswept
(Random House Publishing Group)
ISBN: 9780553391183
Release date: July 22, 2014

Blog Tour and Review--Renegade Lady by Dawn Martens--

Renegade Lady is book 1 in the Renegade MC series.

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC.

Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young.

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back.

With each passing year, Kidd's feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to make her his.

Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?

WARNING: Renegade Lady contains adult situations some readers may find offensive. This is a raw and gritty story involving explicit sex, graphic language, violence and drug use. Not intended for readers under 18.

My Review:

I received and ARC for an honest review.

Ok, seriously, I freaking LOVE a good MC book. The challenge that I normally have is that a real MC is not frilly and pretty. MC's literally live in a completely different world. They have their own rules, their own codes, and their own way of doing things. For instance, it is a honor to be called and "Old Lady"...in the MC world a girl strives for this. This is top honor. Its not an insult. And an "Old Lady" would never, ever sass her Old Man in front of the brothers. She may have her say behind closed doors, but never in front of people.

Now that being said, I hate the fact that so many MC books are over romanticized. HATE.IT... MC's are rough, and rowdy. The men are filthy talkers. They are loud, and obnoxious. The really dont care what you think about them. The women wear property tattoos, or patches on their vests. Its the way it it. So when I read a MC book that is all pretty flowers, or the woman is running around ruling the roost, I laugh..yes, laugh. Or, sometimes you read one where the author is trying way to hard to add in violence and crime. This makes me SMH....so when I can get my hands on a good MC book it makes me do a happy dance.

Renegade Lady was a great MC book. It was not overly romanticized, and if you are looking for hearts and flowers, then this book is not for you. There is violence, drugs, and rape.... But, if you are like me and you like a bit of grittiness then head on over and grab a copy.

Jenna finds herself in a relationship with Timmons. A member of her fathers MC, the Renegade Sons. Timmons is a complete ass. He is violent, beating Jenna and forcing her into doing things she does not want to do. And, she is only 16...

Chipper is the VP of a another chapter of the Renegade Sons, and when his dad, Gun-the President, sends him to investigate some issues with the other chapter...and when he gets there, he takes Jenna home with him.

Enter, Kidd, Chipper's brother. Jenna falls fast and hard for Kidd. But she is underage and Kidd will not go near her. Their story is a hard fought one. There is so many twists and turns that the story never gets boring. And when you think you have it figured out, you soon realize you don't. It is a wild ride...