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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review -- Antagonize Me by T.L. Smith

Antagonize meAntagonize me by T.L. Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok.. where do I start??? I loved this one... it is out of the box for the author and I think that is what I loved the most. The leading lady, CJ, is snarky and sassy and comes up with some one liners that literally had me laughing out loud. Im not sure where TL came up with some of the one liners in this one, but they were perfect.

Antagonize me is not my "normal read". However, Iam glad I read it. It was a refreshing change of pace for me. And I read it in one sitting. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and since I was actually down and out with pneumonia at the time, I was actually kinda of glad because I was able to devour the story and not have to worry about those pesky life things like work and kids.

Antagonize me is a bit of a love triangle. And yet it isnt a love triangle. I know..weird and mysterious, but if you follow my reviews you know that is how I roll. I try not to give anything away because I hate taking away from the experience the reader gets when they have no idea what is coming.

I absolutely loved Kyrone. He was snarky and cocky and arrogant. Just the way I like my book boyfriends. I loved that he didnt take CJ's crap. I loved that he would go up against her, and the banter between the 2 of them was hilarious. Although they didnt seem like a "fit" they ended up being a perfect match. They just got each other.

The characters were loveable and relateable. And honestly, even though the author has this as a stand alone, I am secretly hoping we will end up with the stories of some of the side characters. And again, I am not going to say who because it will give too much away.

Another thing I really liked about this was that it didnt end up going where I thought it was going to go. It kept throwing me curve balls which kept me on my toes and I love that in a book.

Antagonize me is a good blend of comedy and angst. And truthfully, the only reason I didnt feel like I could 5 star this one is because Iam not a huge angst fan. And for me there was just a touch to much. I hope that makes sense. There wasnt so much angst and drama that I didnt want to finish and I didnt not find myself skimming to get thru it. Iam just not a huge fan of a long build up and I did find myself thinking "come on people--just get on with it." I know a good majority of people will think Iam off my rocker, and that is ok. Because we all know I walk to the beat of my own drummer. And one of the best things about books is that there is something for everyone and we all like different things.

Now, with that being said. If you are like me and you dont like a bunch of angst, still give this one a go. Like I said, it wasnt to the point you want to reach in and slap a character or 2. And it didnt drag to the point of no return. I do think it was blended well with the comedy factor. I just always want things to move along at my pace.

And get ready, because the ending?? Not what you are thinking at all.... comes out of nowhere. I literally picked my jaw off the floor. Because I did not see it coming!!!! And what a way to end the book!!! But dont worry, it is not a cliff hanger. Everything is wrapped up tight. It was just wrapped up way different than I thought it would be!!

*Does the hope dance with fingers crossed* --- Lets hope we see some more of this kind of comedy from the author... because we all need to be able to have a good laugh... and laugh you will do!!!!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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