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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review -- The Dominator by DD Prince

The DominatorThe Dominator by D.D. Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Freaking loved this! I was on the ledge in the beginning but about 20% of the way in the book started moving and just didn't stop. It was non stop, up and down, round the bend, flip you over action. And I freaking loved it! I couldn't catch my breath on this roller coaster and the thrill was worth the up to 2am until my eyes dropped reading.

I am in love with Tommy Jr. In Love... He is as alpha as the come. He was crude and rude and delicious. He was a dirty boy with a twisted mind. He was dark and deep.. He made you want to dig in and find the light that had to be buried under all the darkness that surrounded him. I admit, in the beginning I didn't think there was going to be anything redeeming about him, but in the end he turned out to be Amazing. Amazing!! I want my very own Mafia Mob Boss.. please?? Anyone?? Is there like a mail order form somewhere??

Tia started out as a little whiney and I was thinking she was going to make me want to puke. I thought she was going to be weak. But this girl grew a set of balls and ended up being a fantastic leading lady. And if I say any more I'm going to give to much away.... and you know I'm not about to do that.

Mafia, secrets, bribery, kidnapping, people you thought you could trust that you can't.... There was a ton of crazy in this book. But somehow it all worked together. You'd think it would feel like the author had thrown everything but the kitchen sink in, but honestly I don't think the book would of been nearly as good had any of it been left out. And in the end, holy crap the end.. I never saw it coming. Delicious.... twisted.. not what you're expecting. Not. Even. Close.

I think this is the 1st novel from the author. And although there was a handful of times I felt it was useless info, overall this was a great thrill ride of a read. I just realized there is another book. I thought this was a stand alone. Turns out she is making it a series. I'm soooo happy about this. Tommy's brother Dare is up next... bring it on!!!

The Dominator did not end in a cliff hanger. It could def be read as a standalone. But I get the feeling that the next book will leave you confused if you haven't read this one.

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