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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review -- In the Beginning by London Miller

In the Beginning (Volkov Bratva, #1)In the Beginning by London Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 rounded up to 4 (again wishing there was a 1/2 star option)

I've had this (and the rest of the series) on my iPad forever. since I've been on a mafia kick I finally broke them out.

The story line was good. I liked the little twist in the end. Again I'm faced with a cliffhanger, but at least I have the next books already.

I would of probably rated this one a solid 4 41/2 but OMG the editing issues. I'm normally one to pass over them or not notice. But this was so full of them it drove me to the edge and I felt the need to drink. Thank goodness I'm curious enough to see how it plays out or I don't think I would move on to the next book. And honestly depending on how bad it is with the grammatical errors, misspelled words, mi use of words, etc I may not survive the entire story... ok rant over

I loved the story behind this one. Lauren seems a bit too naive for me, but taking into consideration her past and her mother hovering over her, I was able to let it slide. plus in the end, her inner take charge girl showed up. So I'm hoping the meek little doormat that she was in this book doesn't carry over into the next one.

Mishca was delicious. I did love him. You knew from the start he had demons and layers to him, and from the word go you wanted to pick and peel until you found out what he was hiding.

As far as the mafia part of the story goes, it was well played. I felt a little of it was over explained and a waste of words, but at the same time I understood why the author chose to do it. Someone unfamiliar with terms spoken and the ways of the Bratva would be glad that it is all very well laid out.

I wanted to really love this one. I wanted to be able to give it a higher rating. But in the end it is one of those that I don't hate and yet I don't love. And it came down to the horrible God awful lack of editing. I know the cost involved. But that is what good Beta readers can be used for. And the errors were do obvious that anyone who set out to help the author would of (or should of) been able to catch the majority of them.

Can you tell I'm really fixated on the editing issues?? Sad isn't it? And for anyone that follows my reviews on a regular basis, ypu know this is not normally something I pick to pieces or even mention. Much less focus on.. that is how distracting they were.

Here goes nothing. .. wish me luck, because Iam diving into book 2 - Until the End.

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