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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review -- Porter by David Michaels

Porter (Dick Dynasty Trilogy, #1)Porter by David Michael

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 (I really wish they would come up with a 1/2 system)

Gah!! When is the next one due out?? Anyone know??? Because I seriously need need need to know what happens.... cliffhangers... I have such a love/hate relationship with them.

I received this one from a friend of mine. She gifted it to me bc she wanted to make sure I read it and knew it was outside my norm. And I'm glad she did.. bc here Iam at 7:30 am on Sunday am wanting to know when the next one releases.

So let's break this one down... ready??

Porter. . LUSH! Just absolutely lush. He is a popular porn star riding on the waves of his current success, loving his lavish bachlor life. The son of one of the industries most popular porn stars, his deceased father has left big shoes to fill. He is breezing through life, when he gets knocked on his ass by Holly, and he never sees it coming. He is hilarious, and some of the one liners he tosses out made me wonder about the author and where his mind dwell Porter is your typical, overly inflated ego porn star. But underneath all the cocky bad boy, he has hidden this amazing guy that when the right woman comes along, he sets free. And that man, the inner man, makes you want to do whatever you have to in order to have him all to yourself.

Holly is a casting agent. The best in the business. One who is a bit judgemental, harsh tongued and closed down. She hates porn and has no respect for the industry. She also has no time or desire to be in a relationship, and the idea of sleeping with a porn star leaves her running hot and cold. Her body wants him, but her mind warns her not to go there. She is practical not passionate. But Porter brings her base instincts to the surface. And feelings of desire she has long surpressed come rushing through her. She puts up a good fight, but she eventually throws caution to the wind, and finds herself caught up in all that is Porter.

These two are dynamite together. Absolutely explosive. Their chemistry is over the top and I loved the fact that the author didn't base the entire book around just their relationship. I wasn't sure how to feel as I started reading this one, but the more I read, the more I fell into the story and devoured it.

If I listed all the different angles and sub plots it would sound like the author had thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this book. And in a way I guess he did. But it worked. And it worked beautifully. Nothing felt forced or just hap hazardly thrown in. Their was purpose for everything. You just didn't realize it until everything came to a head and exploded. But the explosion was perfectly timed and when the dust had settled, the book ended... On a cliffhanger. I wanted to scream. But it was a worthy cliffhanger. And I need the next book.. Stat.

Iam doing the hope dance that the author writes at least 2 novellas to go with the series. It appears the series will be 3 books... Porter has 2 brother, Parker and Preston. Both of which are also in the porn industry. The Cliffhanger sets up for one of the brothers to be the next book. And I assume the last brothers book will follow. But I'm hoping for Becks and Mitch to get their own stories as well. Becks is Holly's best friend. And she is a total trip. And Mitch is Holly's assistant. He needs his own hea as well. And even though their stories were woven into Porter and Hollys, and could have their hea play out with in the pages of the brothers books, I'm hoping they get their 5 minutes of fame and get at least a novella within the series. They are the kind of side characters that almost make the book. The kind that without their presence would mean the book lacked something. I loved them. And trust me, no way could they hook up and become an item.

I highly recommend this one. Porter is a bit on the fluff side. So if you're like me and tend to gravitate to gritty and intense reads, Porter makes an excellent in between read. It is a perfect read to help soothe your latest book hangover, or help calm you down if you just finished an overly intense tear jerker. But no matter the reason, Porter will not disappoint. Just be ready to laugh. So, jump in and enjoy the ride.

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