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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review -- The Redemption by Lauren Rowe

The Redemption (The Club, #3)The Redemption by Lauren Rowe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hallalujah!! The Redemption redeemed the series. I was a little nervous going into this one bc I had such a bitter taste for Sarah after book 2. But, thankfully Sarah wasn't such a turn off in this installment.

This has ended up being a really good series. I've loved the mystery that surrounded it, I love the way the mystery wasn't center stage, it was a slow build, and the story of Jonas and Sarah was the main focus. I love the way it didn't drag, the parts if their pasts that needed revealing were revealed piece by piece and played well into the story. And I loved loved how as the pieces of the puzzle all fell together, there was this crazy big mystery to solve that ended up making my jaw drop. Because what ended up happening was not any where close to what I was thinking. And can we say Karma?? Because in the end, karma came and rolled right over everyone that deserved it.

Jonas is a little different of a leading guy. I liked him, he was alpha in his own alpha way. But I would be lying if I said he wasn't a little too soft. I don't mind feelings in my main men, but he bordered on pansy sometimes. I found myself on the fence with him.

Sarah is a spit fire. I wasn't sure how I was feeling about her after book 2. But in the end she managed to pull herself together and not be too obnoxious. She still had her moments I thought were a little over the top. But I prefer woman who are strong yet don't try to bulldoze their alpha men. They work them with finesse. And in Sarah's case she was just too bossy sometimes.

The over all story and plot in this series is amazing. I loved loved the story. I think this is the 1st time I have ever read a series that I loved the actual story, the plot, the way it all came together and yet in the end, wasn't crazy about the characters. It's kind of weird for me. But I guess it is what it is.

Over all, I recommend the series. If you like a good Romantic Suspense then I think you'd enjoy it. I felt like it was well writen, the back story was well woven in, and the timing of everything coming together was perfect. I never felt like everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix, which sometimes happens when there is as much hiding in the past as these two had. Hopefully that makes sense... There was plenty of action and the series just flowed and rolled. I read book 2 and book 3 in 2 days. Once things started to be revealed I was so curious as to what was going on, I needed to find out. This was a late night reading kinda series. Because once all the bread crumbs you've been given start to form a whole piece of bread, you become obsessed with the need to know what in the world is going on.

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