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Friday, July 31, 2015

Review -- The Goodbye Man by Mary Palmerin

The Goodbye Man (Red Market, #1)The Goodbye Man by Mary E. Palmerin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really wish sometimes that there was an option for more than 5 stars, because in this situation, The Goodbye Man needs more than 5.

I have been sitting on this review for a couple of days because I have been trying to get my thoughts together in order to give justice to the book without giving any of its secrets away.

Let me start by saying this:

WARNING!!!!! If you do NOT like dark, crazy, twisted, what the hell did I just read, where did the author come up with that because I think she may belong on the crazy ward, almost make your stomach turn, graphic violence that includes rape, torture and a whole host of other crazy, this book is not for you. If you are like me, and love a good mind f**k then one click this bad boy and do it quick. Because I expect it to end up in a controversial situation that will get it banned from Amazon until Mary fights for her right to publish and the readers rights to read what they choose.

I have read some seriously crazy books, and I have to admit that this one is at the top of my list. Because it was so far out in left field, I really do wonder where the authors mind came up with it.

Last warning -- its a cliffhanger.... I wanted to throw my ipad across the room, pull my hair out, locate Mary, kidnap her, chain her down in my basement and force her to crank out book two... I can not believe how she ended this one.

The Goodbye Man is one of the most unique books I have ever read. I had heard from a couple of other ARC readers that they had to put the book down and walk away because of the content. This only made me want to read it even more, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to do an ARC read for the author. I went in a bit nervous, and I guess my mind must be as screwed up as the authors, because even though it was full of some serious crazy, I could not put it down. Nor did I have a hard time reading it. I devoured it. I couldnt get enough and I needed to know what was going to happen next, more than I needed to breath.

Iam at a bit of a loss on how to review this one. There are so many secrets, so many plot twists, so many I never saw that coming moments that I dont want to give anything away because it will take away from the experience you will have as you are reading it.

Nothing was as it seemed... NOTHING. And just when you thought you had an idea of what was going on, the author would throw you a curve ball out of left field that leaves your chin on the floor because you never saw it coming. And I LOVED this aspect of the book. I loved that I couldnt guess what was going to happen. I loved that it was so depraved and gritty that parts of it were the things nightmares are made of. In fact, this book would make the perfect horror movie.

The author did a brilliant job leaving little tid bits of a bread crumb trail as you read along, that would leave you wondering where it was going to lead. And by the time you had all the pieces together, you were stunned because your thoughts were headed one way, and the author lead you another. There were so many "I didnt see that coming" moments throughout the book, that I was constantly on the edge of my seat. And at times things made no sense, then all of a sudden everything would come together and you would have this Holy Shit moment that you have to take a small break in order to digest what you just read.

All things hidden eventually come to light, and this is a story of secrets, lies and cover ups that once they come to light, they are life changing for the characters. The story revolves around 3 major characters. Caesar, Mateo and Svetlana. Each has lived their own version of hell. Each have survived a life of misery and abuse. And each of them hold secrets that just about shatter them, and yet they are all survivors in their own way. No, this is not a love triangle. This is a unique and brilliantly spun tale that intertwines the lives of the 3 in ways you will not see coming. And in the end, their lives come crashing together violently and relationships are born that become life saving. They are 3 of the most broken people I have ever seen on paper. And you wonder how they have managed to survive the hell that they have lived through and called life.

The secrets that they hold within will absolutely rock your world. As the secrets unfold, and the truths come out, you begin to gain a better understanding of why the characters are the way they are. And I have to tell you, my heart ached for Svetlana. I actually shed a tear or two for her. She has led a broken and abused life and managed to survive some of the most horrific things I have ever seen on paper. And the saddest part of it is that these things actually happen to people in real life. And as the author spins her story, you become immersed in the world she has created. Words so brilliantly written, you feel like you are part of the story. You are able to smell the smells, feel the touches, see the pictures she is painting for you. And she has done it without being over descriptive to the point that you want to skim pages. You want to take your time and savor each word, each page, and get the most out of what you are reading.

The Goodbye Man has made it to my all time favorite reads list. I am almost afraid to begin another book, because what ever I decide on does not have a fair chance. This one is going to be a hard act to follow. As far as dark reads go, it is by far one of the darkest Ive ever read. And the deeper you go into the book, the darker it gets. And just when you think it cant get any darker, it goes almost black. The author has pushed the boundaries and pushed them well. This is a book I will never forget, one I talk about and remember for years to come, and one that all other dark reads will be measured against. It has set a new standard for me. It was brilliantly written and the set up for the next book was so well done I didnt see the end coming. I was reading along and all of a sudden.... it was done. I kept trying to get the pages to turn because I needed more.... yet there was no more to be had. And one of the things I loved, was that you have all of your answers to all of the questions that you have been asking yourself along the way. But in the end, the author sets us up for the second book in a way that leaves you panting for more, and at the same time managed to give closure to the parts that were already written. Makes no sense does it?? And it wont until you read it.

If you are a fan of dark reads, gritty tales, and can handle graphic descriptive violent scenes, this is the book for you. I highly highly highly recommend it to anyone that loves a good depraved mind and a tale so dark it blows your idea of dark right out of the water.

Now Ms. Mary, get on the ball and get the next book cranked out. Iam DYING to know what happens.

**I was given a copy of The Goodbye Man in exchange for an honest review**

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