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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Meet Me in the Dark

Meet Me in the Dark
Meet Me in the Dark by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Brilliant Mind Twisting Stars

Im almost at a loss for words with this one. I dont even know where to start. This left me so floored I just sat there staring into nothing for a while when I finished the last page.

WARNING!!! If you dont like dark and twisted, mind fuckery books, stay away, bc this is not for you. There is nothing traditional about this one. Nothing normal, soft or sweet. And more than once I found my stomach turn a little with what was playing out before me. It is one of those books that makes you wonder where in the world the author comes up with this stuff and if they had a tortured child hood... seriously people.. be warned bc this one is twisted.

Meet me in the dark is my 1st book by JA Huss. I own a couple of hers, and now I am going to have to dive into the Slack series, bc per her dedication in the end of the book, we meet Merc in that series.

OK... Merc -- assassin for hire or not, find me this man. He is lush. Dark and brooding, cold and heartless. And yet, there is a soft side deep down that you just want to dig and dig until you find it. I swear he has no feelings. At times you wonder if he is even human, but then a humane part of him would surface and you'd fall in love with him a little more. Cold hearted killer with one thing on his mind -- Revenge. And at times I couldnt figure out if he was the good guy or the bad guy. And honestly even once everything unfolded, I still couldnt figure it out. He is that deep.

Sydney.. holy hell this poor girl. Talk about a life of pure hell. How she is still standing and not totally crazy is a miracle. And I cant really tell you a bunch or Im going to give too much away. She is deep, complex, and has an inner strength that rivals any female lead I have read to date. She is my favorite kind of leading lady. And the poor girl is so screwed in the head from her life, she has no idea what is real and what is fiction. Again, you have to read to really understand the depth of this character. The layers and layers you have to dig through to get to the heart of her will spin your head.

I started Meet Me in the Dark and was thankful that Iam sick as a dog bc I could read and read and no one bothered me. Yes. thankful I am sick. Bc this book was a roller coaster of intense need to figure out what was going on. Nothing was as it seemed and every time you turn a page something else happens that is making you question everything you have read up to that point. And the ending?? Never saw it coming. I thought I was piecing it together, but in the end I knew nothing. I had figured out nothing and I had to re-read a few things in order to get a hold of what I was reading.

In the end this book is a book of genius. Brilliantly written. Beautifully executed and I want more!!

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Review: Blyssfully Undone

Blyssfully Undone
Blyssfully Undone by J.C. Cliff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG.... April is way too far away... Must.Have.NOW!!!

If you have not read this series you are missing out... yes, both books end in cliffhangers.. but soooo totally worth pulling your hair waiting.. some of the best reads for me in 2014 ...

Updated 4/2015

Annnnddddd... Series ended with a BANG!!! Good Garden of Peas I LOVED this series! LOVED!!!

JC Cliff has officially become one of my auto click, dont even need to read the synopsis, have to have it, stop what you're reading and jump right in authors. This series was absolutely brilliant.

I wasn't sure where she was going to go with this one. The ending of book 2 left you in a place where more than one scenario could play out. And I loved loved loved that about it. Even tho book 1 and 2 ended on HUGE cliffhangers that made me not only want to bang my head on my desk, but throw my kindle across the room, Blysfully Undone and the wait to get my hands on it, made the frustration worth it.

Travis... oh my!! *fans self while cleaning up the drool* ... totally and completely swoon worthy. Alpha male to his core. Calm, cool, collected and in control. You never know which way he is going to go, and he never does the obvious. He has a bit of a deviant mind and I swear I would follow him into the depths of hell and not think twice or bat an eye. He is simply fabulous.

Jules... love her. She is absolutely positively my favorite kind of heroine. Sassy and tough, yet soft and compliant when it's really needed. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and will hold her ground when it means something to her. Now, this doesnt mean she doesnt find herself in a bot of trouble every now and then. And she has a way of causing herself more problems than needed. Sometimes I found myself wanting to shake her to death and scream at her to just listen to Travis. But curiosity killed the cat, and Jules is one of those girls that cant stand not knowing. Trust doesnt come easy for her, and because of this, she bucks Travis regularly and ends up finding herself deeper than she thought she could go.

Twists and turns ans surprises Oh My!!! Let me tell you... I actually had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times while reading this one. The curve balls that came out of left field left me floored. And more than once I sat there looking at my kindle, thinking "That did NOT just happen!!". I love when a book does this. When the unexpected comes out of the blue and totally changes your thinking process and to how things are going to tie together or end. The entire series was like this, and Blysfully Undone did not disappoint.

This 3rd and final book, picks up where the big ol' cliffhanger in book 2 left you and takes off running. And after it gets going it doesnt stop until the end. The book was action packed and kept a great pace. You never feel like you've missed something, and it isnt one of those that feels incomplete or rushed. Just flows smoothly and does not have any slow parts that make you want to skim. I devoured this book. I could of read it in one sitting but those pesky things called work and kids got in my way. I found myself up late reading and actually fell asleep mid read with my kindle in my hands. Thank goodness for a husband that wakes up in the middle of the night and is kind enough to plug your kindle in to charge... would of completely sucked had I not been able to read the next day bc my Kindle needed to charge!!!

If you have not read this series (Book #1 Blyss and Book #2 Blyssful Lies) scoot them up your TBR... in fact, stop what youre reading and go grab them now!!! And you may want to get all of them before you start. Bc if you find yourself reading the end of 1 or 2 somewhere there is no wi-fi to download the next one you are going to want to pull your hair out, and immediately drive to the nearest wi-fi hotspot you can find in order to get the next book. Although, come to think of it, Starbucks has wi-fi...and white chocolate mochas.. so maybe needing to drive isnt such a bad thing!!! ;)

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