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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review -- Obligation by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Obligation (Underground Kings, #2)Obligation by Aurora Rose Reynolds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just OMG... I freaking LOVE anything Aurora Rose and Obligation did not let me down.

Kai... I need my very own Kai. All broody bad ass Alpha on the outside, with a heart of gold on the inside. I wasnt sure in the beginning about him, but about 15% in I fell in love!!!

Im not sure how to word any of this, because I do not want to give anything away. And this was one of those books that every little piece goes together to bring you the whole. But, with that being said, you will love it. It was face paced, but not head spinning cant keep up. There was more than one spot that I wondered what in the world was going on. And I loved loved loved that you didnt get the whole story all at once. Aurora dropped pieces here and there that had you mentally building the picture and putting the puzzle together. It was brilliant.

I loved Myla .. LOVED. She was not a weak heroine. She was strong and independent yet had the perfect knack to know when to back down and let things go. She spoke her mind and let her feelings known, but trusted that Kai was going to have her back. Her tortured soul shines thru on the pages and you feel deep for her. You want to reach inside the pages and hug her so that she knows everything will be ok.

And of coarse we get a little bit of Kenton... can we say Yum!!! And Aurora does a brilliant job of leading us into the next book in the series. She is a master with this!!! Nothing seems out of place or forced. It is just organic and flows with the story. I can not wait for the next book... we get Sven.. and OMG does he sound Yummy!!!

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Review -- Antagonize Me by T.L. Smith

Antagonize meAntagonize me by T.L. Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok.. where do I start??? I loved this one... it is out of the box for the author and I think that is what I loved the most. The leading lady, CJ, is snarky and sassy and comes up with some one liners that literally had me laughing out loud. Im not sure where TL came up with some of the one liners in this one, but they were perfect.

Antagonize me is not my "normal read". However, Iam glad I read it. It was a refreshing change of pace for me. And I read it in one sitting. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and since I was actually down and out with pneumonia at the time, I was actually kinda of glad because I was able to devour the story and not have to worry about those pesky life things like work and kids.

Antagonize me is a bit of a love triangle. And yet it isnt a love triangle. I know..weird and mysterious, but if you follow my reviews you know that is how I roll. I try not to give anything away because I hate taking away from the experience the reader gets when they have no idea what is coming.

I absolutely loved Kyrone. He was snarky and cocky and arrogant. Just the way I like my book boyfriends. I loved that he didnt take CJ's crap. I loved that he would go up against her, and the banter between the 2 of them was hilarious. Although they didnt seem like a "fit" they ended up being a perfect match. They just got each other.

The characters were loveable and relateable. And honestly, even though the author has this as a stand alone, I am secretly hoping we will end up with the stories of some of the side characters. And again, I am not going to say who because it will give too much away.

Another thing I really liked about this was that it didnt end up going where I thought it was going to go. It kept throwing me curve balls which kept me on my toes and I love that in a book.

Antagonize me is a good blend of comedy and angst. And truthfully, the only reason I didnt feel like I could 5 star this one is because Iam not a huge angst fan. And for me there was just a touch to much. I hope that makes sense. There wasnt so much angst and drama that I didnt want to finish and I didnt not find myself skimming to get thru it. Iam just not a huge fan of a long build up and I did find myself thinking "come on people--just get on with it." I know a good majority of people will think Iam off my rocker, and that is ok. Because we all know I walk to the beat of my own drummer. And one of the best things about books is that there is something for everyone and we all like different things.

Now, with that being said. If you are like me and you dont like a bunch of angst, still give this one a go. Like I said, it wasnt to the point you want to reach in and slap a character or 2. And it didnt drag to the point of no return. I do think it was blended well with the comedy factor. I just always want things to move along at my pace.

And get ready, because the ending?? Not what you are thinking at all.... comes out of nowhere. I literally picked my jaw off the floor. Because I did not see it coming!!!! And what a way to end the book!!! But dont worry, it is not a cliff hanger. Everything is wrapped up tight. It was just wrapped up way different than I thought it would be!!

*Does the hope dance with fingers crossed* --- Lets hope we see some more of this kind of comedy from the author... because we all need to be able to have a good laugh... and laugh you will do!!!!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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Review -- Behind The Blindfold: Uncovered by Natalie Wyre

Behind the Blindfold: UncoveredBehind the Blindfold: Uncovered by Natalie E. Wrye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I did NOT see that coming.. wth??? Talk about out of left field and no where near the radar!!!

Uncovered picks up where book 1 left off. It jumps right in and keeps on going. This is not a stand alone, and you must read book 1 in order to know what is going on.

More secrets are revealed and yet more mystery begins to unfold. I love that this author keeps you on your toes. I love the twists and turns, the unexpected stops and the fact that just when you think you have it figured out, you realize you were not even close.

This is again, one of those books that is hard to review. Saying too much or the wrong thing will completely blow a new readers enjoyment of the story out of the water, because it is most definitely the mystery, intrigue and secrets that make this series to good. Nothing is as it seems. NOTHING.

I still found myself torn on whether or not I liked Mark. I still couldnt decide if he was a decent guy or not. And some of the revelations that came in this book about him had me leaning heavily towards the "run Saturday run!! Far far away from this guy and dont look back!". But then another piece of the puzzle would fit into place and I would be back on the fence about him. Then another mystery would be solved and I would want them to have their happily ever after. Then something would happen and I was back to thinking he was a psycho that needed to be locked up in a padded room with a helmet and a set of crayons. But, then another piece of the puzzle would slip into place and I was back to rooting for him. It was almost maddening and I LOVED it. The author did a brilliant job keeping the mystery in surrounding him front and center. And the entire story kept me on my toes. Like with the 1st book, just when I thought I had it figured out, I found out I was not even close.

One of the things I realized as I was reading this one, was that a good part of the reason I loved this series was because the author was so good at getting your mind thinking a certain way. She would play into that, but when the twist came it all made sense. You were never lost or felt like anything was out of place or forced. The entire story flowed well and nothing felt thrown in.

All of the mystery behind Mark is brought forward. All of his secrets are uncovered. He is laid bare by the end of the book. And trust me when I say, nothing ended up how I was playing it out in my mind. There were so many surprises that you would think the author had just thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the story just to make it come out crazy. But once the last piece of the puzzle was put in place, it was seamless in its brilliance. And I found myself thinking "WTH??" more than once as I was reading.

I read this one in 1 sitting. I literally read both book 1 and 2 in about a day and 1/2. My need to know what was going to happen was so strong. I was glad I started reading on a Sunday and that Monday was Memorial Day so I could just read. But, I must warn you... this one ends in a semi cliff hanger. What does that mean you ask??? Well, I emailed the author to ask if there was going to be another installment. She said yes. (Thank God!!) But what I mean by "semi" cliff hanger is this: All of the mystery was solved. You are left without any questions as to the things that happened. You get all of your answers. But the ending is what I call open ended. I cant really explain in too much detail because it would require spoilers... and you know how Iam about spoilers. You can read book 1 and 2 and not need to read another book. But, with the way the author ends it, you are left wanting more. You are left wanting to know what the future holds for Mark and Saturday. So even though it doesnt end on a "typical" cliffhanger, it does end by leaving you yearning for more of their story. So technically the series could end here, but thankfully the author has plans to put you out of your misery and give you more of Mark and Saturday. *Happy Dance*

So, let the stalking begin as I look for book #3 of this series......

*I was gifted a copy of Behind the Blindfold: Uncovered in exchange for an honest review"

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Review -- Behind The Blindfold by Natalie Wrye

Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1)Behind the Blindfold by Natalie E. Wrye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full review to come.... Must read book 2... Holy hell what a cliff hanger!!!!

Edited -- May 25, 2015

OK, now that I have finished book 2, I can sit down and gather my thoughts in order to get the reviews written.

This is the debut book by this author. And what a way to come onto the scene. When I was approached by the author to read and review this series, the blurbs grabbed my attention and since I am such a fan of suspense filled romance, I was happy to help in reading and reviewing.

This is one of those books that is hard to write an accurate review without giving to much away. And as you know, I am pretty anal about not throwing spoilers in my reviews so that people can experience the books and get the most out of them.

The series is veiled in mystery and intrigue. You know that something is going on behind the scenes but you just cant put your finger on it. And the more the story unfolds, the more mystery seems to shroud the edges of what is playing out before you. Nothing is what it seems and nothing ends up the way you think it is going to. And anyone that follows my reviews knows how much I LOVE when this is the case.

I wouldn't label this as a dark romance, and I also wouldnt label it as Romantic Suspense. But there is defiantly a sense of suspense and mystery to the series. It is not over powered by sex scenes, and one of the things I found I appreciated the most, was that the sex scenes actually meant something. The chemistry between the characters is obvious. You can almost feel the intense pull that they have towards each other, but this is not a story of insta-love (thank goodness) and at the same time it isnt so drawn out that you are yawning through the pages as you chant "just get on with it" in your mind.

Mark is a complete mystery. I could not figure him out to save my soul. Nothing he did made any sense. And his actions were so unpredictable and confusing, I actually found myself thinking that Saturday needed to just kick him to the curb and be done with him. He did some of the most bizarre things and literally made no sense. He ran hot and cold. And although you know that fear is his driving force, nothing is lending any answers as to why he is the way he is. And the story is written so well, that you tell yourself "just one more page" and next thing you know its 2am and you have fallen asleep with your ipad in your lap because you NEED to know what is going on.

Saturday is not your typical leading lady. Although she has some sass to her, she is more of the quiet kind of girl. She is nobody's doormat, but she is not the outspoken, doesnt care what anyone thinks kind of girl either. She is willing to sacrifice her own well being for the needs of others, and finds herself giving more of herself than she has to give more often than not. She is the kind of girl that is beautiful but doesnt know it. She has a sense of humor and a heart of gold. She is the girl that believes in 2nd chances and happily ever afters, but not so lost in a fantasy that she isnt grounded. And all of that combined made her an extremely unusual and unique leading lady. The author did a brilliant job creating her. I loved that she is unlike most of the leading ladies we read about. Saturday had this amazing inner strength and drive to be who she was and not who anyone else thought she should be. She was even raised in a wealthy family, and walked away from the turmoil of home to chase her dreams, against her parents wishes. She worked 2 jobs to get the bills paid and never complained or felt entitled to anything. She held no grudges against the parents that basically dropped her because she wasnt doing what they thought she should do. She just manned up and did what she needed to do in order to be who she wanted to be. And I loved this about her. She was real. You could connect with her. You felt for her, and understood her. And even though she was a bit of an emotional wreck, you could understand why and were able to look past the bit of wishy washy part of her that would normally make you want to reach into the pages and smack the crap out of her and you scream for her to wake up and smell the coffee.

I read this one in 1 sitting. I literally couldnt put it down because of my deep seated need to know what was going on. Mark was so mysterious, and seemed almost stalker like, that I couldnt decide if he was a good guy or a bad guy. And right when I felt the story was getting somewhere... it ended.

Warning..... cliff hanger ending. Gah.... right when it was really staring to unfold and pieces to the puzzle were fitting together, it ends. I wanted to scream. I wasnt prepared. I needed to know what was going on. And I tried to make the pages turn thinking my device had frozen. No way did the author end it like that.... but she did. *sigh*

Next!!! Bring on book 2. Thank goodness I had it. And this is one of those times you are thankful for the invention of ebooks and instant access bc had it been a paperback and I would of had to wait until a store opened and then drive to purchase the 2nd book I may of had a bit of hair loss from pulling my hair out....

This was an excellent start to not only a new series, but for the debut of a new author. I hope that once the author has finished up with this series, we will find more from her headed our way. Behind the Blindfold did not disappoint...

**I was gifted a copy of Behind the Blindfold in exchange of an honest review**

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