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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review -- Brando by Marita A Hansen

Brando (The Santini Brothers #2)Brando by Marita A. Hansen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok.. so I've been trying to figure out how I felt about book 1 -- Ricardo -- as I read this one. And I have finally been able to put words into my thoughts.

This isn't a bad series. I just can't call them great. Both book 1 and this one (book 2) are based on the Santini family. Book 1 about Ricardo and book 2 about Brando.

Now... my issue. there is way too much stuff going on with other characters. Neither book felt like they were based around the guys that were the main characters. I'm still left wondering about Ricardo and Bianca. There was never anything solid about how they ended up. And I'm left wondering about Brando and Ivy after finishing this one.

Both books had way too much story line wrapped around the other 12 million Santini brothers. and much of Brando 's story involved a ton about his twin brothers and 1 of his other brothers and in the end one of the sisters secrets came out. Very little of either book was actually about what the story claims to be. I understand that in a series parts will come to light about characters that will have their stories eventually told in the series. But I'm left wondering about Brando and Ivy. What is their story?? Guess. what?? I have no damn idea bc the book doesn't give much in the way of their relationship. Some is implied but it's all one big guessing game. And too many plots are swirling around other characters. Made my head hurt.

I didn't hate this. I am lust left kinda blah about it.. and honestly I'm not sure I will continue the series. Because there was still no indication as to how Ricardo and Bianca ended up. Are they together??

There is just way to much going on on these. I want the story about the couple. I don't mind other things being thrown in. But like in this case half the book is about one of Brandos other brothers.... just doesn't make any sense to me and I can't figure out where the author is trying to go with this.

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Review -- The Dominator by DD Prince

The DominatorThe Dominator by D.D. Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Freaking loved this! I was on the ledge in the beginning but about 20% of the way in the book started moving and just didn't stop. It was non stop, up and down, round the bend, flip you over action. And I freaking loved it! I couldn't catch my breath on this roller coaster and the thrill was worth the up to 2am until my eyes dropped reading.

I am in love with Tommy Jr. In Love... He is as alpha as the come. He was crude and rude and delicious. He was a dirty boy with a twisted mind. He was dark and deep.. He made you want to dig in and find the light that had to be buried under all the darkness that surrounded him. I admit, in the beginning I didn't think there was going to be anything redeeming about him, but in the end he turned out to be Amazing. Amazing!! I want my very own Mafia Mob Boss.. please?? Anyone?? Is there like a mail order form somewhere??

Tia started out as a little whiney and I was thinking she was going to make me want to puke. I thought she was going to be weak. But this girl grew a set of balls and ended up being a fantastic leading lady. And if I say any more I'm going to give to much away.... and you know I'm not about to do that.

Mafia, secrets, bribery, kidnapping, people you thought you could trust that you can't.... There was a ton of crazy in this book. But somehow it all worked together. You'd think it would feel like the author had thrown everything but the kitchen sink in, but honestly I don't think the book would of been nearly as good had any of it been left out. And in the end, holy crap the end.. I never saw it coming. Delicious.... twisted.. not what you're expecting. Not. Even. Close.

I think this is the 1st novel from the author. And although there was a handful of times I felt it was useless info, overall this was a great thrill ride of a read. I just realized there is another book. I thought this was a stand alone. Turns out she is making it a series. I'm soooo happy about this. Tommy's brother Dare is up next... bring it on!!!

The Dominator did not end in a cliff hanger. It could def be read as a standalone. But I get the feeling that the next book will leave you confused if you haven't read this one.

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Review -- The Redemption by Lauren Rowe

The Redemption (The Club, #3)The Redemption by Lauren Rowe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hallalujah!! The Redemption redeemed the series. I was a little nervous going into this one bc I had such a bitter taste for Sarah after book 2. But, thankfully Sarah wasn't such a turn off in this installment.

This has ended up being a really good series. I've loved the mystery that surrounded it, I love the way the mystery wasn't center stage, it was a slow build, and the story of Jonas and Sarah was the main focus. I love the way it didn't drag, the parts if their pasts that needed revealing were revealed piece by piece and played well into the story. And I loved loved how as the pieces of the puzzle all fell together, there was this crazy big mystery to solve that ended up making my jaw drop. Because what ended up happening was not any where close to what I was thinking. And can we say Karma?? Because in the end, karma came and rolled right over everyone that deserved it.

Jonas is a little different of a leading guy. I liked him, he was alpha in his own alpha way. But I would be lying if I said he wasn't a little too soft. I don't mind feelings in my main men, but he bordered on pansy sometimes. I found myself on the fence with him.

Sarah is a spit fire. I wasn't sure how I was feeling about her after book 2. But in the end she managed to pull herself together and not be too obnoxious. She still had her moments I thought were a little over the top. But I prefer woman who are strong yet don't try to bulldoze their alpha men. They work them with finesse. And in Sarah's case she was just too bossy sometimes.

The over all story and plot in this series is amazing. I loved loved the story. I think this is the 1st time I have ever read a series that I loved the actual story, the plot, the way it all came together and yet in the end, wasn't crazy about the characters. It's kind of weird for me. But I guess it is what it is.

Over all, I recommend the series. If you like a good Romantic Suspense then I think you'd enjoy it. I felt like it was well writen, the back story was well woven in, and the timing of everything coming together was perfect. I never felt like everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix, which sometimes happens when there is as much hiding in the past as these two had. Hopefully that makes sense... There was plenty of action and the series just flowed and rolled. I read book 2 and book 3 in 2 days. Once things started to be revealed I was so curious as to what was going on, I needed to find out. This was a late night reading kinda series. Because once all the bread crumbs you've been given start to form a whole piece of bread, you become obsessed with the need to know what in the world is going on.

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Review -- The Reclamation by Lauren Rowe

The Reclamation (The Club, #2)The Reclamation by Lauren Rowe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really have enjoyed this series. But I have to admit that the heroine is really annoying. I love a bad ass leading lady, but Sarah is border line over the top bitch. Down right obnoxious. And I'm honestly not sure how any man would actually put up with her. And she has managed to bring this Alpha male to heel and almost turned him into a complete pu**y. If this had all happened in book 1 I would not of invested the time or money into the rest of the series.

I like the plot. I love the mystery. I'm just really struggeling with the characters roles. they are battling for position of top dog. And as I don't mind a strong female lead, Sarah seems to want to bring Jonas to heel. And his willingness to comply kills me. *This an opinion.. and only an opinion* I'm not a domme fan. I want my men over the top alpha and my women strong but willing to let the male think he is leading the way. There is a saying that goes " the man may be the head of the relationship, but a good woman is the neck and knows how to turn the head" .. Sarah is just flat out rude and bitchy. I hope that makes sense.

Ok.. on to book 3. *Warning.. Cliff hanger* and I'm invested enough to want to know how this all ends. I'm also doing the hope dance that Jonas pulls his balls out of Sarah's purse and puts them back on...

Moving on.....

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Review -- Grey by EL James

Grey (Fifty Shades, #4)Grey by E.L. James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

looks like another trilogy is headed our way .. not sure how I feel about that. This one ends right about where book 1 ends. so iam assuming there will now be 2 more books. although I enjoyed being able to get inside of Christian's head I'm not sure I want to read 2 more from his pov. I do know I liked the origional thoughts that his pov would be 1 book. and now I feel like rhe author is trying to capitalize on her popularity. which is frustrating.

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Review -- King by TM Frazier

King (King, #1)King by T.M. Frazier

Book 2?? Where is book 2?? Oh my Jesus.... I thought this was a standalone.. evidently there was a change in plan....

Holy hell this was so good... I started and didn't want to put it down.... once I wrap my head around what I'm thinking and feeling I will get a full review done..

King just landed on my fav book boyfriends list... And the book is now added as one of my top favorites. Warning - there is a cliffhanger.... I'm not sure I'm going to survive the wait time for Tyrant...

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Review -- In The Beginning by London Miller

In the Beginning (Volkov Bratva, #1)In the Beginning by London Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 rounded up to 4 (again wishing there was a 1/2 star option)

I've had this (and the rest of the series) on my iPad forever. since I've been on a mafia kick I finally broke them out.

The story line was good. I liked the little twist in the end. Again I'm faced with a cliffhanger, but at least I have the next books already.

I would of probably rated this one a solid 4 41/2 but OMG the editing issues. I'm normally one to pass over them or not notice. But this was so full of them it drove me to the edge and I felt the need to drink. Thank goodness I'm curious enough to see how it plays out or I don't think I would move on to the next book. And honestly depending on how bad it is with the grammatical errors, misspelled words, mi use of words, etc I may not survive the entire story... ok rant over

I loved the story behind this one. Lauren seems a bit too naive for me, but taking into consideration her past and her mother hovering over her, I was able to let it slide. plus in the end, her inner take charge girl showed up. So I'm hoping the meek little doormat that she was in this book doesn't carry over into the next one.

Mishca was delicious. I did love him. You knew from the start he had demons and layers to him, and from the word go you wanted to pick and peel until you found out what he was hiding.

As far as the mafia part of the story goes, it was well played. I felt a little of it was over explained and a waste of words, but at the same time I understood why the author chose to do it. Someone unfamiliar with terms spoken and the ways of the Bratva would be glad that it is all very well laid out.

I wanted to really love this one. I wanted to be able to give it a higher rating. But in the end it is one of those that I don't hate and yet I don't love. And it came down to the horrible God awful lack of editing. I know the cost involved. But that is what good Beta readers can be used for. And the errors were do obvious that anyone who set out to help the author would of (or should of) been able to catch the majority of them.

Can you tell I'm really fixated on the editing issues?? Sad isn't it? And for anyone that follows my reviews on a regular basis, ypu know this is not normally something I pick to pieces or even mention. Much less focus on.. that is how distracting they were.

Here goes nothing. .. wish me luck, because Iam diving into book 2 - Until the End.

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