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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reading Order - Carrie Ann Ryan

Reading Order -- 

Carrie Ann Ryan 

Montgomery Ink
Book .5: Ink Inspired
Book .6: Ink Reunited
Book 1: Delicate Ink
Book 1.5: Forever Ink
Book 1.7: Vowed in Ink
Book 2: Tempting Boundaries
Book 2.5 Delicate Arrival
Book 3: Harder Than Words
Book 4: Written In Ink
Book 4.5 Hidden Ink
Book 5: Ink Enduring
Book 6: Ink Exposed (Coming Soon)

Dante’s Circle Series Reading Order
Book 1: Dust of My Wings
Book 2: Her Warriors' Three Wishes
Book 3: An Unlucky Moon  The Dante's Circle Box Set (Contains Books 1-3)
Book 3.5: His Choice
Book 4: Tangled Innocence
Book 5: Fierce Enchantment 
Book 6: An Immortal's Song 
Book 7: Prowled Darkness

Redwood Pack Series Reading Order
Book 1: An Alpha's Path
Book 2: A Taste for a Mate
Book 3: Trinity Bound
Book 3.5: A Night Away
Book 4: Enforcer's Redemption
Book 4.5: Blurred Expectations
Book 4.7: Forgiveness
Book 5: Shattered Emotions 
Book 6: Hidden Destiny
Book 6.5: A Beta's Haven 
Book 7: Fighting Fate 
Book 7.5: Loving the Omega 
Book 7.7: The Hunted Heart 
Book 8: Wicked Wolf 

Talon Pack Series A Spin Off of the Redwood Pack Series
Book 1: Tattered Loyalties
Book 2: An Alpha's Choice
Book 3: Mated in Mist
Book 4: Wolf Betrayed (Coming Oct 2016)

Branded Packs Series Reading Order (w/ Alexandra Ivy)
Book 1: Stolen and Forgiven 
Book 2: Abandoned and Unseen 
Book 3: Buried and Shadowed (Coming July 2016)

Holiday Montana Series Reading Order
Book 1: Charmed Spirits
Book 2: Santa's Executive Book
3: Finding Abigail The Holiday Montana Box Set (Contains Books 1-3)
Book 4: Her Lucky Love
Book 5: Dreams of Ivory