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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review -- Blame it on the Pain by Ashley Jade

Blame It on the PainBlame It on the Pain by Ashley Jade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow -- Where is my very own Jackson??

This is my 1st book by this author and I will defiantly read more. This one was fast paced and didnt have any slow spots. Awesome

Full of surprises that make you go hmm, I was left with my jaw on the floor more than once. And Im super stoked that I didnt see it playing out like it did. I was thinking one thing and the author shook it up and turned everything on its head leaving me excited that I wasnt able to figure it out. The characters were well written, likeable and relateable. And the supporting cast left you wanting to know their stories.

Jackson was a good leading man. I wanted him to be a bit more of an asshole. But that is my opinion. I like a leading man that is hard around the edges and hard towards everyone but his girl. And this is the sole reason I was unable to give this one a 5 star rating.

If you havent read anything by this author, jump on it. Im jumping into book 2 now.....

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