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Friday, November 18, 2016

Review -- Never Trust A Saint by Melissa Jane

Never Trust a Saint (Los Santos Cartel #1)Never Trust a Saint by Melissa Jane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say WHAT??? Why did I wait so long to read this one???

This one started out a little slow but picked up and didnt stop. I loved the mystery surrounding the story. I had my suspicions about who done it, but in the end it played out a little different than I was thinking. I love when I can't figure it out.

The story behind the mystery was fantastic. I loved the high speed chases and twists and turns. It kept me on my toes. And the ending??? Im glad I waited to read it when the 2nd book was available. I am most definitely on to book 2!!

Hunter was dark and broody. A total jerk just the way I like them. And yet he had a soft spot for the heroine that he didnt have for anyone else. And that is my favorite kind of leading man.

Was Hunter the good guy? Was he the bad guy?? I spent the entire book trying to figure out which side he was on and as I veture into book 2 Im still not exactly sure what side of the fence he is on.

Nina was my favorite kind of leading lady. Strong, fierce, independent and yet not over the top. I think she could of stood up for herself a little bit more, expecially when it comes to Hunter, but over all she was fierce.

I can't wait to see how this plays out. Now, where is the next book??

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review -- Blame it on the Shame Pt 2 by Ashley Jade

Blame It on the Shame- (part 2)Blame It on the Shame- by Ashley Jade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Bangs head on desk* *Continues to bang head on desk*

OMG... O.M.G.....OH Em Gee!!! It did not end like that!! What?? I didnt see that ending coming -- AWESOME!!! I LOVE when that happens. Although I now have grabby hands and need the next book like I need air right now.

What a ride this one was. Ricardo is back. And I. Am. IN. LOVE!!! *Swoon* He is the perfect blend of asshole and soft. He has a dirty mouth and is even dirtier between the sheets. He loves hard and OMG the ending and what he did to prove his love for Lou Lou. Im at a loss for words. How can I get across the pure awesomeness of Ricardo and not give anything away??? You have got to experience Ricardo for yourself. Because that is what he is -- an experience.

And Lou Lou. My heart breaks and aches for her. I swear if anyone needs a break in life it is her. This beautiful flower that is 1/2 open and keeps getting taken out of the sun and left unwatered so she cant fully open. And that ending -- just.... she... but.... wth just happened?? Even knowing what happens before it happened I still found myself shocked. What are you talking about KC??

This book runs parallel with Blame it on the Pain. Meaning you know alot of what will happen because we read it from Jackson and Alyssa's POV. Blame it on the Shame is Ricardo and Lou Lou's POV. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Great, it's the same damn book just in a different POV. But, you'd be wrong. The author did an amazing job at making it feel fresh and new. Not one time did I ever feel like I was reading the same book over. How she pulled this off I have no idea. But even experiencing some of the same scenes from a different POV never felt redundant. I loved how the author was able to make the alternating POV's fresh and new. You have to read it to fully appreciate what Iam saying.

This series has been a grand slam for me. There is just enough angst, perfect amount of mystery, hot sex and killer drama that is not over the top making you want to keep your nose in the book and turning pages. In fact I binge read this one. I started and didn't put it down. I made a frozen pizza for dinner and almost burned it because I was at a really good part and lost track of time. I saved the pizza in the nic of time *whew*

If you are looking for a good Romantic Suspense that flows well, keeps you guessing and on your toes, has some really hot sex and is an easy read then this series is for you. It has some dark themes and is what I call grey. It deals with dark elements but isn't a dark book. If that doesnt make sense then all I can say is you have got to read this book!!!

**This is not a stand alone. You must read Blame It On The Pain and Blame It On The Shame Pt 1 before you read Blame It On The Shame Pt 2**

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Review - Blame It On The Shame pt 1 by Ashley Jade

Blame It on the Shame  (part 1)Blame It on the Shame by Ashley Jade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing!! This was a great continuation of Blame it on the Pain, I loved how this one runs parallel and gives the back story of Ricardo and Lou Lou. You are left wondering alot about these two as you finish Blame it on the Pain and this answers those questions.

Im now ready to dive into part 2 so that I can see how these two play out.

Ricardo was delicious. I absolutely loved him. He had that perfect blend of alpha male jerk and soft for his girl blend that I love so much.

Lou Lou was a great female lead. The author did an amazing job of making Lou Lou unlikeable yet loveable at the same time. I didnt ever think she was too whiney or over the top. And I know this probably makes no sense but once you read the story you will totally get what Iam saying.

Now this one is hard to review because not only do I not want to give out spoilers, Iam at risk of giving out spoilers for Blame it on the Pain as well. Doesnt make sense??? You have to read the story.

Although these books are outside of my normal, I am so glad I jumped in and read them. Fantastic reads. They are paced well, full of just the right amount of angst and has a good mystery surrounding the story. Very very well done. This author has officially made it to my auto 1 click list!!

Now.... where is that next book??????

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Review -- Blame it on the Pain by Ashley Jade

Blame It on the PainBlame It on the Pain by Ashley Jade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow -- Where is my very own Jackson??

This is my 1st book by this author and I will defiantly read more. This one was fast paced and didnt have any slow spots. Awesome

Full of surprises that make you go hmm, I was left with my jaw on the floor more than once. And Im super stoked that I didnt see it playing out like it did. I was thinking one thing and the author shook it up and turned everything on its head leaving me excited that I wasnt able to figure it out. The characters were well written, likeable and relateable. And the supporting cast left you wanting to know their stories.

Jackson was a good leading man. I wanted him to be a bit more of an asshole. But that is my opinion. I like a leading man that is hard around the edges and hard towards everyone but his girl. And this is the sole reason I was unable to give this one a 5 star rating.

If you havent read anything by this author, jump on it. Im jumping into book 2 now.....

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